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Lakers vs Warriors Highlights Kobe Bryant Drops 44 Points

Kobe Bryant scoring 44pts with a broken finger is just insane. The 11assists are just icing on the Kobe Bryant cake. This guy is just incredible. What I enjoyed about this game is the play of Lamar Odom in the second half. If he can give us this energy every night, there is no team n the league who can beat us. Pau definitely did his job as well. And the dunk by Shannon Brown over Vladi Radmonivich was just CRAZY.

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Lakers vs Suns Highlights HD [12-28-09]

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Ron Artest press conference to address his concussion

I’m not sure what to think about this. But one thing is for sure, my Lakers need Artest on the court. So I hope he gets well soon.

We know he is definitely from the hood, but I don’t think his “wife” did this to So unless he was drunk, I have no idea what could have happened.

If it was a fight with someone, wouldn’t that have come out? I don’t know…but one thing is for sure, if he is lying, it will come out, it always does. For now, I will just go with what Ron is saying.

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Houston Rockets & Tracy McGrady Seeking a Trade

Hello Lakeshow fam, for the life of me I don’t understand the Rockets take on this thing? We have all known for a while that T-Mac is injury prone, but so is Yao Ming…and yet they are ready to get rid of this guy with no problem? Well it wasn’t hard to see this coming for sure, with McGrady finally believing he is healthy enough to play and the Rockets choosing not to play him, a trade was inevitable.
I don’t know what type of “locker room” guy Tracy is, but I do know if he came to the Lakers, he would save a lot of wear and tear not only on Kobe, but Lamar & Fisher as well. Remember fam, T-Mac has a HUGE expiring contract that could possibly bring us a lot of relief next summer (I think that’s how it goes), and he is definitely instant offense. For me personally seeing T-Mac come in for Kobe is alot more entertaining than watching Sasha V hit the court. As for his durability, if he goes down again, Kobe is ALWAYS available, but the best part of it all, he doesn’t end up in San Antonio or Denver, dang or Dallas for that matter. Nor with our archenemy Boston, or even Cleveland…let’s just look at the big picture here.
Oh it’s no secret that Tracy said when his days with the Rockets were over he would love to play with Kobe Bryant…unfortunately the video over at ESPN is (not available) anymore…

Leave me your thoughts and comments on this developing situation.

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Kobe Bryant is a Warrior!!!

Phil Jackson offered an anecdote from Saturday night’s 112-103 double overtime victory in Sacramento that explained how Kobe Bryant feels about coming out of basketball games, no matter what the injury.
“At one time, I asked (Head Athletic Trainer) Gary Vitti to check with him in a time out,” said Jackson. “He came back and said, ‘If I tell you that he can’t play, he’s going to break my arm.’”
Bryant, who had essentially been playing with his left hand before nailing back-to-back three-pointers in the second overtime, eventually figured out how to adjust his shot to the pain.
“I thought he could play through it and help the team, and that was the important part,” said Jackson. “Pain is an inhibitor, and your body will react through the pain. He’s a guy that’s capable of doing that.”
Bryant didn’t go into as much detail.


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Lakers vs Kings Highlights Kobe Bryant 38 Points

The Lakers played this game on a back to back without Ron Artest who had an accident in his home, causing a concussion. Lamar was a rebounding machine along with Pau, and Kobe actually sprained his RIGHT elbow in the 4th quarter, and yet came back to hit 2 threes…thank YOU GOD, for giving us this man. And the oustanding play of Shannon Brown was just crazy.

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