Nothing But Love Pouring In For Pat Summitt

27 Aug

The love continues to pour in for UT LadyVols basketball coach, PAT SUMMITT. Former players, future players, and current roster, have took to twitter, facebook, and interviews to let it be known they are not giving up on coach Summitt, and that they are committed to Tennessee basketball, Pat Summits way. With fierce determination, Pat is going up against an undefeated foe, (dementia, alzheimers), who seems to not only defeat it’s opponents, but completely destroy any hope they would have. Well now it has issued a challenge to the wrong individual, Coach Summitt, who has a pretty good record herself 1071-199, which makes her the most winningest coach in NCAA history. So with every one praying for her, and sending her positive reinforcements, I believe Pat will finish this game own her own, when she is ready. Not to mention she has over 37yrs of people she has met all right there with her. We love you Coach Summitt.

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