14 Nov

Well college basketball has officially started for my Lady Vols basketball team. After such a tumultuous summer, the announcement from Pat Summitt of being diagnosed with Dementia (early onset Alzheimers), to the transfer of Alyssia Brewer, the retirement of Kelly Cain, and Lauren Avant leaving to pursue a career a an Orthopedic doctor. No one, (except the true knew what they would see when opening day came. Well although the team seem to have a few jitters in the beginning, they were able to turn it on, and show what type of work they have been doing in the off season.

I will say that I was surprised to see Meighan Simmons start the game on the bench, simply because of her offensive explosiveness. But after the game, we found out it’s not her ability to play offense that made her the 6th man off the bench, but rather her consistency on defense. I will say she took a solid step toward returning to the starting line up, if indeed that’s what Pat and her staff choose to do.
But to me, Ariel Massengale changed the game for Tennessee. The freshmen point guard, who spent most of the first half on the bench, showed her true value in the second half. Her timely passes, and ability to see the entire floor is just remarkable. It has been proven, that when Tennessee is able to put people in their natural positions, final four is a given. Also I can’t leave out my X-factor, Glory Johnson, who received play of the game honors tonight. She boasted 17pts/13rbs, but most importantly she hit all 3 of the foul shots she took. That’s a good sign for this Lady Vols team.

Check out the highlights of the game. It’s time for #9! We Back Pat!
Lil Wayne continues to show his support for women’s basketball as he took to his twitter to express his appreciation of Coach Summitt.

“@LilTunechi: Pat Summitt is an amazing woman. Her will is greatly admired and respected. Fight. Live. Win.”

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