11 Dec

After David Stern single handedly brought a dark cloud back over the NBA when he vetoed a trade that would have sent Chris Paul to the Lakers, the teams (Laker/Rockets/Hornets) have been working frantically to put a deal together that they hoped would NOT be vetoed by the commissioner. But after hours of revising the deal, and supposedly resubmitting an offer to the League, the Lakers have had enough. It is being reported by ESPN’s Mark Stein that the Lakers have pulled out of the deal completely, instead, trading Lamar Odom to the Dallas Mavericks, and receiving an 8.9mil dollar trade exception in return. Now the question becomes why would the Lakers trade their 6th man of the year to the team that swept them last year? One is the way Lamar Odom reacted to the trade, his literal crying and saying things like: “I don’t know what I’m suppose to do for the Lakers now”…not the right move. The other, its all out pursuit of Dwight Howard.
Now the question becomes who will be the point guard that the Lakers will have to entice Dwight Howard to come, because that’s an important issue for him. Let’s really look at this shall we. The New York Knicks have waived pg Chauncey Billups, who honestly never wanted to be there in the first place, but was thrown into the deal for Carmelo Anthony. Now Billups have let it be known, that any non-contender team looking to bid on him in waivers, stating:

“If I get claimed by a team I don’t want to play for, I would absolutely consider retirement,” Billups said. “The game’s been really good to me, and I don’t want anyone to feel bad for me. I’ve made a lot of money, and I’ve saved most of it. I don’t need the money now. I want to be able to play for something, a championship, and I want to be able to have my own destiny in my hands. If I don’t, then retiring might have to be a decision I make.”

Now that the Lakers have freed up some financial room, I pray they do not give up Bynum/Gasol for Howard. I definitely understand ALL that Dwight Howard brings, I truly do, but it’s my opinion that Bynum (bad knees and all) is still the 2nd best center in the league. He finally finished a season healthy, and his body is just as chiseled and strong as Superman. Not to mention what really separates the 2 is the defensive proweress that D12 possess. Remember Bynum plays with Kobe, so his numbers will definitely be lower than Howards, even in the rebound catergory, because Pau gobbles up a lot of them himself. Now, we know that Orlando is not interested in getting Brooke Lopez & 2 draft picks for D12 (New Jersey offer) so if I’m the Lakers it’s Bynum, Ebanks, Caracter, Goudelock (hey they want young talent), & the Lakers take Hedo. Heck if I’m the Lakers I also see if Jameer Nelson is available. But wouldn’t this be a nice dream as well Laker fans, Dwight narrows his list to the LAKERS ONLY, & New Jersey knowing that Deron Williams may not re-sign w/o Howard, the Lakers get him. So you would have Deron Williams & Dwight Howard. Hey if Stern killed that deal, then we know it’s just hate against the Lakers. lol

Hey it’s just a dream. What a crazy 48 hrs in the NBA. One thing is for sure, the Lakers are not done…what’s next?

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