14 Dec

This is getting more and more confusing by the minute. It’s like just when I get use to one thing, something new comes along. Ah I know what Lamar Odom was feeling. But unlike Lamar, I understand this is the nature of the business, and I must know and always understand, that as a fan of the NBA, more specifically the Los Angeles Lakers, that things change. So my motto is (at least until Jerry Buss is no longer breathing) that I will #TrustInBuss. Well as far as basketball is concerned. Over the last 30 years I have seen the Lakers win 10 championships, and accomplish countless other feats, all in the midst of controversy and sometimes turmoil. They are known as winners. Anyone who say they are a Lakers fan, would never question that aspect of the organization.

It’s funny how Lamar Odom says he felt disrespected by the organization that he helped win 2 championships, but Lamar knows not to play “poker” with the Lakers. He remembers how his negotiations were going south quickly when he played around with the idea of going to Miami during his free agency, and where he was offered 10mil/ was reduced to 9mil/3yrs. When for the first 3yrs he was a Laker, his game was more inconsistent than any player of his caliber should have ever been. Don’t get it twisted, I loved Lamar as a member of the Lakers, but at the end of the day, I’M A LAKER thank you for all you done, now time to move on.

I believe the Lakers number one priority is ending all speculation about their team from this point to say the next 4yrs. See I believe they have looked beyond this season up to at least 2016. And they are thinking, Kobe will be gone at the very least in 4yrs…and because of their market they have to set themselves up with players who can carry this franchise forward, and put butts in the seats. Not to mention it’s all about opportunity, right now you have the premier point guard (Chris Paul) and most dominate center in the game right now (Dwight Howard) seemingly available. They are willing to do whatever it takes to bring in these players to make Kobe life easier, and continue to be in the hunt to win championships.

Whether they acquire Paul or Howard, or both, we can all be certain that the Lakers are going to do something major with their team (excluding Kobe Bryant being traded), that will set them up for years to come. I believe you see them back in the hunt for CP3 because the league office understands that what they did by vetoing the first trade offer (was hasty & wrong), so the opportunity has presented itself again (not to mention the Hornets don’t want to lose Paul for nothing). The Lakers have an owner who loves to play poker…and he is steadily building an unbeatable hand, that he hopes to drop on the NBA Christmas Day.

And we wait….

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