17 Dec


I would say I can’t believe this..but that would be a lie. Although after what happened in 2003, I thought Kobe would be the last one getting a divorce. But time has passed, and people change..and here he is, after almost 11yrs of marriage to wife Vanessa, and mother of his 2 children, she has filed for divorce. Although TMZ is reporting that Vanessa is filing for divorce because of infidelity, another report says the document states “irreconciable difference”…either way I hate to see this happen, well for the children sake.

The first thing I think about is the “spat” supposedly he and his dad had before he got married, because his father thought he was too young, but someone how they held it together for this long.

Now this brings back up the “mysterious” package that Kobe received after a road game last season, seemingly being served. Allegations of a paternity suit was said at that time. Oh boy this could get ugly. But one thing we know, Kobe deals with personal issues by going off on the court…Praying for his family.
Enter Brandy stage Sorry folks I couldn’t help it.
Here is what TMZ is reporting.

‚ÄčAccording to TMZ, Vanessa Bryant, Kobe Bryant’s wife of 10 1/2 years, is filing for divorce from the NBA superstar.
The couple had survived Kobe’s cheating ways in 2003, when he was charged with sexual assault at a hotel in Colorado. The charges were dropped in 2004.

But now, Vanessa Bryant is saying that her husband has been unfaithful yet again.

Vanessa is asking for joint custody of the couple’s two young daughters and for spousal support. The kicker is…
…there is no prenup, so Vanessa is entitled to half of the former MVP’s empire.

Kobe and Vanessa have already struck a financial don’t look for any bitter divorce story here.
Great now let’s move on to Laker Basketball.

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