27 Dec

The Lakers lost to the Sacramento Kings last night, 91-100. Here is my perspective.

The game vs the Bulls, was simply turnovers and free throws. This game vs the Kings showed more than ever that Mike Brown better start trusting Darius Morris/Andrew Goudelock soon, or else what Tyreke Evans did will be happening all season. I watched Derek Fisher and Steve Blake get scored on more than 10 times vs Evans, and it wasn’t pretty. Now I’m not here to take away from what Marcus Thorton did, but for everyone who thought Kobe guarded him the whole game, you need a replay..but the way “baby buckets” was shooting it really didn’t matter who was on him.

I watched so called Laker fans turn on the organization, the players, heck the NBA for that matter last But have the Lakers had that much success when the fact that the starting center is out, and the star player has TORN LIGAMENTS in his wrist doesn’t matter anymore? My goodness Kobe Bryant does all he can just to be on the floor, and no one even appreciates it. I see everyone screaming how much the Lakers miss Lamar Odom, well after Dallas start, I’ll bet he misses the Lakers as well. Because Lamar is so emotional, I know he has had time to think about the decision he made to want to be traded, as well as the Lakers willingness to trade him…and I’m sure there is some regret on both ends. The funny thing is…the defending champs have their full roster that they acquired during the offseason, and they still drunk off being the champs. One thing is for sure though, I don’t expect anyone of these teams to stay in the losing category. Now if the Lakers keep losing when Bynum comes in, then there is a cause for panic, as far as this season goes. There is one other point I have to make about this game: why did the refs go from letting both teams beat each other to death in the paint to calling touch fouls? Trust me I know that’s not why the Lakers lost, but I’m seeing it in other games as well…one minute they letting them play physical, then they switching it up on the players…I need some consistency refs.

Tonight the Lakers face the Utah Jazz, the Lakers haven’t been 0-2 at the beginning of a season since the 02-03 season, so I can’t tell you the last time they started 0-3, lucky for them, the big fella will return in game #5, they just have to hold on until then.

As for the trade rumors, ESPN’s Chris Broussard threw out the scenario of how the Lakers can get Dwight Howard/Deron Williams, I been saying that since the beginning of the season. The fact of the matter is, you don’t give up both Bynum/Gasol for Dwight Howard. As March 15th approaches, the Nets and the Magic have big decisions to make, neither guy has signed an extension and you risk losing them both for nothing after this season. So the Lakers offer Gasol for Williams, and Bynum for Howard. Now the Nets and the Magic are hoping that other teams will sweeten the pot as the deadline nears…not sure who the Magic can get that’s better than Bynum and able to even somewhat replace Howard…and the Nets may have their hand forced if Williams refuse to sign a contract extension with any team they try to trade him too.

Ah the NBA, it’s fantastic.

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