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The 22yr. old grammy award winning singer has just released the offiical artwork for his 4th studio album, Fortune. The album is slated to be released May 8, 2012.



To celebrate her one year anniversary of her release, from probably one of the hardest times of her life, Da Brat gives her fans a new joint called, 4 Walls. The song allows Brat to continue to express what it was like for her as she did her 3yr. bid for assault. I’m just glad that she is home, and I can’t wait for a new album from the Brat-A-Tat Tat.

DOWNLOAD-DA BRAT 4 WALLS Just in case you don’t have it..Get her latest mixtape: LIFE AFTER DEATH



 The ultra talented, grammy award winning singer, Melanie Fiona is set to release her sophmore album, The MF Life 3/20. The album was slated to be released at a later date, but they decided to move it up…may to avoid a massive Cause with the songs I have heard this far, I know the album is going to be hot. Check out the tracklisting. One of my favorite joints from the album is Wrong Side of A Love Song. Check it out.

01. This Time (featuring J. cole)
02. 4AM
03. Break Down These Walls
04. I Been That Girl
05. Wrong Side of a Love Song 
06. Running (featuring Nas)
07. Change The Record (featuring B.O.B)
08. Gone and Never Coming Back
09. Bones
10. Watch Me Work
11. Can’t Say
12. L.O.V.E (featuring John Legend)
13. 6 AM (featuring T-Pain) *BONUS*




Miguel releases the first installment of his 3 part series “Art Dealer Chic”. Volumes 2 and 3 are set to drop on the 27th of March and April. Enjoy


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Oh my goodness. Dawn Richard is the best definition of a solo artist on they grind right now. As she gears up for her new EP release, Amor On, 3/27..she continues to dazzle us with hot new music. But it’s not the same type of music that you are constantly hearing over and over, it’s a brand new lane that she has opened up, and I love it. Check out her latest song, FLY. And make sure to support her when the EP is released.

Cop her latest joints from Itunes
December Sky

SMFU (Save Me From You)



In the midst of this NBA All-Star weekend, a trade rumor broke out (Peter Vecey) stating that the Orlando Magic turned down the Lakers offer of Bynum for Howard straight up, but are willing to restructure the deal in order to trade their superstar center. What type of restructuring you are asking? Well, the Magic has made it no secret that the only way they would trade D12 to the Lakers is if they (Lakers) would be willing to part with both of their All-Star big men, so that includes Pau Gasol, according to John Cherwa (LA Times).

Let me just say this, NOOOOO. I really hope the Lakers will not do this deal. Right now they have all the leverage. The Magic will not find another team that can even come close to value as for as players go, if they trade him elsewhere. The New Jersey Nets only big man, Brooke Lopez, even with an injured Bynum is nowhere near his talent level. Honestly Bynum and Howard balance out for me simply because Bynum is better offensively, and Howard is better defensively.

People continue to talk about an injury prone Bynum, yet he does not describe what the true meaning of injury prone is to me, that title goes to a player such as Greg Oden. Not to disrespect Oden, but the injuries that Drew has obtained throughout his career were legit, like coming down on a players foot, or Kobe literally running into his knee head first. And at 7’1, 280, yeah that’s a recipe for disaster. Drew is playing his first injury free season, and his production is way up. People also forget he is averaging 16pts/13rbs with a superstar on his team. Meaning he doesn’t get the ball that often. So, I just hope the Lakers are not desperate and really look at the big picture.

UPDATE: The Magic will throw in Jameer Nelson and Hedo Turkaglou as well. So the Magic would get Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum, and the Lakers would receive, Dwight Howard, Hedo, and Jameer. Heck it looks like they should have just traded Kobe to Orlando…smh. Didn’t our team defeat that team in the championship..oh but our bench was much stronger

Ah I’m up in the air on this one. I know the Lakers have to look to the post Kobe era, just not sure this will elevate us to the top? What you guys think?



Now this is one of the funniest things I have seen to date. This puppet is getting it’s groove on.

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