07 Mar

Please take the time to watch this mini-movie in it’s entirety. The war going on in different parts of Africa right now, led by Joseph Kony must be stopped. The tyrant has been abducting children for over 26yrs…and forcing them to join his army, to kill mutilate and kill others, including their parents! He has the young girls becoming sex slaves, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Well we are all on a mission to make Kony famous, to make it difficult to hide anywhere in the world. That’s the reason this is still one can find him to arrest him. Now watch the movie as it explains in depth what is happening, and keep the children in your prayers..and Retweet, click Like on fb..or whatever that everyone will know about this guy, so we can flush him out. We must stop the rebel group, LRA and it’s leader Joseph Kony.


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