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Are you ready for the LAST FRIDAY? Well finally it looks as if we are about to get it. One of Urban cinemas classics by far. The Friday installments have kept us all laughing, but we want to see Ice Cube reunite with Chris Tucker on this one. Check out what Oshea Jackson had to say about a possible reuniting with Chris Tucker on the movie.

“We was waiting on New Line to cut a check. They did that, and now, I’m writing the next ‘Friday’ movie. To me, it’s really about not asking Chris over and over again. It’s about putting the script in his hand and getting the ball rollin’ for real. He’s not gonna say yes until he see the script and like what he’s doing in the new movie. That, to me, is the next step.”

“I love Chris, I want him to do the movie. I think his fans want it. Ultimately, that’s what we in the business for: to please our fans and the people who’ve supported us all these years — to give them what they want, not just give them what we want to give them.” (SOURCE)

Hopefully they will get F. Gary Gray to direct the movie as well. Crossing my fingers, hoping to see this one take place.



Good morning CELEBRITYMINISTRY readers. I realized today while in meditation, that it’s very possible to become connected interpersonally (a real way) to people you have never met. I know that’s not new revelation to most, but bare with me, I’m going
For all the hours that most of us spend on social networks, it becomes so apparent, that no matter your motives for joining, everyday that you log on (whether you are getting results from your reason for signing up in the first place or not), you continue to log in..why is that?
Simple, because our ability to connect, our desire to connect to others in some way shape or form is like no other creation on earth. It’s like a magnetic force that no human being can repel.
It’s why I find myself daily, praying for this community, it’s creator, and most of all, the connections that are made here.
Ha I know it’s a lot for a Satruday morning huh..but for any that know me, this is not out of the I often wonder what will be my legacy when it’s my turn to see the Father? How will I be remembered, not only by my family, & close friends, but by those I have connected with here, and other networks, through my blog, my youtube etc…will the more famous people whom I have chatted with, poured into even remember my name? Perhaps so, maybe not, but the most important person will for sure…GOD.
See I have come to know..the first day I submitted to HIS PLAN for my’s just my job to BELIEVE, OBEY, AND RECEIVE.
Not sure if I have ever impacted ”your” life in any way (those who may read)…but I pray it was all in a good way.
Love Margo


 Usher is preparing to release a new album, but he gets his fans excited by dropping a hot new visual for his joint, Climax. The video has the singer in a precarious situation where he has to choose between killing a guy to get his girl back, or just letting it go. With everyone thinking that the song was talking about a sexual experience upon first listen, Usher has gone on record to say that the song is about the culmination of a relationship, not sex. Check it out below.



 Waka Flocka Flame is preparing to release his sophmore album in April called Triple F: Friends, Fans, & Family. The first single, I Don’t Really Care features r/b hottie Trey Songz. Check it out.

Waka has also been busy representing “man’s best friend”…becoming a representative of PETA. He is passionate about animal rights, so this is a great choice for PETA. Check out the ad.



Toni Braxton makes all her troubles go away as she dances her way back to the charts. Her new single, I Heart You, is a nice step back into the game. The uptempo joint was written and produced by the legendary singer. On the heels of her hit reality show, Braxton Family Values, along with her sisters, Toni is slowly coming back to the forefront with her passion, music. And I must admit, I’m loving it.

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