26 Jun

01. Alive
02. Breathe (Produced by Steven Allen)
03. Broken Keys (Intro)
04. Broken Promises
04. Buku Fine (ft. Lil Wayne & Mystik) (Remix)
05. Coming Over (Produced by D.K. The Punisher)
06. Cool Breeze
07. End Of My World ft. Christine Curtis (Bonus) (Produced by Invincible)
08. Kicked To The Curb (Ft. Sevin & Chanelle Ray)
09. Love Hangover
10. Money Vs. Love x A Trillion Sorry’s (Interlude) (Produced by Bad Intentions)
11. Ooh Ahh (Produced by The Inkredibles)
12. Paradise
13. Play Her Body (Bonus) (Produced by T.E.P.)
14. Riffs (Produced by Rahk)
15. Scream (Bonus) (Produced by Hitimpulse)

Download Sean Ray-Broken Keys

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Posted by on June 26, 2012 in 2012, broken keys, mixtape, sean ray, sevin


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