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Okay so I remember seeing this guy in this years B.E.T.’s Hip Hop Cypher with crazy contacts & spitting conscious bars, yet I did not know his name until now. My 14yr. old daughter comes in and says: “Mom you have to to listen to this Hopsin track.” The track is called “I’ll Mind of Hopsin 5” and with over 17million views on youtube, you can see why his future is beyond bright. The rapper was signed to Ruthless Records but has since created his own label called Funk Volume. Not bad at all for a young man who was in special education classes, and told he would never amount to anything. (Source) Check out the video below, and download the mixtape.

Download: Enter The Mind of Hopsin (Mixtape)



Every now and then a female emcee emerges with lyrics that make you have to sit back & think. It’s like they sit and remind you that verbal assassins were born from women. Detroit native, Angel Haze goes no holds barred on her brand new mixtape: Classick! Whew with the monster track: Cleaning My Closet, where she talks about being sexually abused as a young girl (over the Eminem track)…the statistics show that 1out 5 girls are abused sexually. You have to listen to the track. The petite emcee raps over beats from Lupe Fiasco, Jay Z, Lauryn Hill (Doo Wop that Thing), Erykah Badu(Love of My Life) & Take a listen to the mixtape, and download.

Live Stream provided by HotNewHipHop

Download: Angel Haze-Classick



Big Sean drops his first official single, Guap, off of his upcoming album: Hall of Fame: Memoirs of a Detroit Player. The album is due for release on 12/18.

Download-Big Sean: Detroit (Mixtape)

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