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Chris Brown is doing a whirlwind of promo right now for his new single: Fine China, which hit Itunes stores today. He also dropped two versions of the video, so check out his dance version right here, as he channels his inner Michael Jackson. I must say the analogy goes Kobe is to MJ, what Chris is to MJ. Yep I said it.

Buy: Chris Brown-Fine China



Tyga dropped another joint from his soon to be released 2nd album: Hotel California. Tupac legacy lives on, as Tyga grabs a verse from Pac to put on his joint: Hit Em Up, which the rapper had a song titled the same. Adding in Jadakiss on this joint only makes it hit harder. Check it out.



If Michael Jackson were alive he would be so happy right now. Chris Brown channeled his inner MJ for his brand new single: Fine china. Chris created a mini-movie type video pitting him against the Triad. Simply brilliant. Check it out. The song hits Itunes tomorrow!



Brand new joint from J. Hart called: Criminal. I love the old school feel of this joint. Check it out.



Chris Brown sat down with Hot 97’s Angie Martinez, and he gives it to us straight no chaser. He is open and honest about everything, especially concerning his relationship with Rihanna. You can tell he is definitely comfortable with Angie…He speaks up about what he thinks about other guys lusting after Rihanna, and whether or not he believes she is his soul mate. That alone has me about to go buy his new single: Fine Check out the interview below.

He speaks also of the infamous “love triangle” between himself, Rihanna, & Karrueche…and let’s it be known that although he is still an overseer of “the kill” (Rue’s clothing line), that Rihanna is okay with it…to a degree. lol

And this guy is funny. He and Rihanna don’t talk about Drake…”he just lay the pipe.” And my favorite: “…she still has the same spirit that made me fall in love with her the first time.” This man has officially grown up in my eyes.

He also let’s it be known that he did see the Rihanna interview with Oprah, which we all know he did, but also that he still declines Oprah’s offer to interview him. He just not comfortable with her.

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