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 I attended my first ever, Vision Board Social, on 12/29, hosted by none other than A’Keta Vasser. The event actually happened to be her first as a host, but you would have never known it. Upon arriving at the house, it was decorated in purple and silver (the colors signified royalty) and handwritten inspirational quotes. Just looking at the set-up upon entering the door let me know that the Holy Spirit was already present.

 Meshia Davis (a dear friend of A’Keta) is the one that actually helped bring A’Keta’s vision together. I continually let the woman know that her vision board should start and end with putting together events for others because she is a natural at it.

 The event started with introductions, prayer, testimonies, and instructions on creating a vision board for yourself. Now I just want to say that in doing this…I had to think long and hard about what I would even put on this vision board. I mean, I know the things that God has spoken concerning my life, but I just had no idea how I could grab a bunch of magazines and find what I needed to express that. Yet once we got started it just came together.

 As A’Keta began to tell us what made her decide to have this social, things really began to come together about what I hoped to see manifest in 2013. See for me, I know that God has his timing for everything, so I don’t want to get ahead of Him, I simply want to make sure I do my part. Take a glimpse at my vision board.

 The first thing I put on my vision board was: “It’s worth the wait.” I really believe that! I am one that has taken the time to really study the bible concerning marriage, sex before marriage (the consequences), and just understanding what God created when He created marriage. It’s meaning, and all the aspects of it. So as you can see on my vision board, a lot of the things cater to that.

I met quite a few people at the event, one was a young lady name Dominique Davis. After sharing her very powerful testimony, Dominique told us about the organizations she has created/part of…like Models for Jesus Christ, and Thrifty Threads. Be sure to click the link for more info on her organizations. At the young age of 26, just seeing her so hungry for God, it’s just amazing.

 I also met a young lady by the name of Jaspin Smith. Now listening to her just shed so much light on how as women we can not only we be judgemental (with assumptions) but also, we must take the time to get to know one another. A lot of time when we see beautiful women, we just assume they have no problems in the world..(ie..Halle Berry), but we never take the time to see what they may truly be going through. Well this young lady has taken the time to use her gift in a great and positive way, by creating #TheBeautyMovement. This movement caters to helping young people reach their full potential. To give them the opportunity to look with in and see the greatness that lies within. Check out these nice t-shirts she’s using as a promotional tool to get the word out. Jaspin is currently putting her website together…so stay tuned on how to get one of these fabulous tee’s. And please take a moment to talk to a young person today to see what’s really going on in their heart.

All in all, this was one of the best experiences I have had. To be around all of these women of God, with a clear cut vision for their lives that simply goes along with the word God has spoken over their lives. I can’t wait till we do this again, so we can all rejoice over the things that have manifested.

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Wale just dropped his latest mixtape, Folarin to a round of applause. Well as if the mixtape wasn’t enough…he dropped a brand new joint called: Heaven In The Afternoon. Check it out.

Download: Wale-Folarin



Cassidy & Meek Mill got beef? Well we know that Cassidy and Meek have been brewing to get this thing going for awhile. Meek supposedly wanted to battle Cassidy, then said he wanted Cassidy to battle Mook (who is in my opinion the best battle rapper out right now)..ah my head spinning.

Well Cassidy dropped first with: Me, Myself, & Iphone.

Well here is Meek’s response: Repo.

Honestly what I like is Cassidy when he allowing who he is NOW show through on the this freestyle on Power105….



Wale gave his fans a great Christmas present in the form of a brand new mixtape called: Folarin. The 21-track project includes features from Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, Jhene Aiko, French Montana, & more. Take a listen, & download below.

Download: Wale-Folarin (Mixtape)



Merry Christmas! The Los Angeles Lakers were center stage today, as they generally are on Christmas, this time battling the #1 team in the east, New York Knicks. After a dismal start to the season, the Lakers defeated the Knicks today, 100-94, yet as good as the game was what happened half way through the 1st QTR that dominated twitter! Chris Brown entered the Staples Center with Rihanna!

Yes! While the Lakers are the main attraction, Chrihanna (what there fans call the couple) took the spotlight! Now I know we can read so much into this, but for there first public appearance together, what better place than a Lakers game on Christmas Day, court side at the end of the Lakers bench!

They seem to actually be enjoying the game, and not phased by the attention at all! Rihanna was sporting the necklace Chris gave her over a month ago that she wore to her launch of her new fragrance Nude.

Why is this even news at this point? Well earlier this Christmas morning, Chris ex Kaerucche, decided to put a picture up on Instagram wearing nothing but a “Chris Brown Bathing Ape” T-shirt while sitting on the side of the bed. But as soon as the news hit that Rihanna & Chris were entering Staples Center, the picture was gone!

So as we all was waiting on Rihanna’s response to the pic via her own Instagram, she decided to allow the media to do it for her by entering the most watched game on Christmas Day! Boom!

Now does this mean they are an official couple? Who knows with these two! But I see Chris face is no longer hidden when he is with Rihanna. And the PDA was on full display. Is it for publicity? Honestly I say yes & no! Yes because they want to control what the public get to see vs the widespread stories of the media! And no because I believe they just want to be together and it be Nobody’s Business! I mean that can’t have beef when they know that video will be the most watched on YouTube for years lol. Can you imagine if they had put those 2 on kiss cam? SMH..pandemonium!

In other news doesn’t this kid look like he can belong to rapper The Game? Lol! Glad to see them take the time to take the pic with the kid either way.

Now watch as they leave 3 minutes before the end of the game, that was far from decided! So yep…they came, they conquered, & they upstaged the Lakers! Well except for the real fans like me! I was focused on the Lakers keeping the win streak alive.

She bad!!! The Laker sideline reporters kept speaking about how Ri had little boys going into puberty just looking at! She bad!! Man just let them live! They know the consequences of there actions, and if they willing to endure them, so be it!



Tamar Braxton is really ready to make a splash back into the game with her new music. With her hot first single: Love & War, still in the top 10 on iTunes, she continues to drop hot new joints. Check out these two that dropped this morning, Watching Me & The One.

Buy: Tamar Braxton-Love & War



Youtube sensation, Iyaz, created a present for his Grandparents, featuring singer/songwriter Sha Sha Jones. The song is called Christmas Time. Take a listen.


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