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Brandy is back! This is her official coming out party with this track. And no the track is not laced with powerful vocal tricks (which we know she is more than capable of) but simply a catchy track, that displays a little bit of Bran Nu (her alter ego rap name), her true vocal gifts, and the hottest r/b cat in the game, Chris Brown (although he spits a hot 16 on this one). I don’t know just loving the sound. Maybe it’s simply that I’m starved for new Brandy Music. Nonetheless, it’s definitely going to get my money when the single officially drops on Itunes. The album, 2/11, is slated for a June release. Until then check out the brand new single from Brandy featuring Chris Brown, Put It Down.

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Posted by on April 26, 2012 in 2/11, 2012, brandy, chris brown, put it down

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