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Oh my goodness. Mike Bresnahan of the LA Times is reporting that the Lakers are unwilling to give up Pau Gasol for Boston’s 25yr. old walking triple double, Rajon Rondo? I really hope that this is not true. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m one of the biggest Laker fans in the world and I love what Pau Gasol brings to our team, but we are talking about a guy in Rajon Rondo who has a Chris Paul type mindset on the court, and his hunger to win is always on 10. I’m not sure if that’s a good move for the Lakers not to explore this situation deeper. You have to give up something to get something, and unfortunately, Pau is the only “movable” piece we have.

The Lakers are unwilling to trade Pau Gasol for Rondo, making a deal with Boston unlikely before the trade deadline Thursday.

The only reason I’m okay with the trade of Pau Gasol for Rajon Rondo is simply because the offensive style the Lakers are now running calls for a point guard that’s on the highest level. Lebron James in this same offense was able to get to the finals with a pg named Mo Williams, so imagine Kobe, Andrew, and Rajon on the same team. That would definitely be an upgrade for Mike Brown’s chances to get back to the finals again.

It’s always tough to trade a player of Pau’s caliber, simply because of his dedication to the organization and the team. Also you know the Lakers don’t want to have another big “falling out” with a player, like with what happened with the Lamar Odom trade. I would not want to be Mitch Kupchak. What do you think LakerNation, is this a good decision by the Lakers to not trade Pau for Rondo? Will a lower level pg do this roster any justice, or should you go for the right now/future all in one trade?



 In this interview…you see Kobe ask a young man if he met “Superman” Dwight Howard, then begins to say something to Dwight…like “remember what I told you” and then says: I’ll talk to you. Now this is PROBABLY NOTHING AT ALL..but hey I’m Lakers fan…so I like to say “what if” …lol. What if Dwight does a “full” Shaq? They can’t win the title, he comes to LA? My oh my! Hey it’s fun to dream, right?
Kobe could have just been giving the youngster some advice about Shaquille, and his whole acting “childish” about the Superman moniker. If we want to get technical it belongs to actor “Christopher Reeves” who played the original Superman, way back when.

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Shaq and Kobe Reunited

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Kobe and Shaq at All-Star

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