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Trevor Ariza interview: Fire your Agent Trevor

Trevor Ariza interview on 570 KLAC

Former Laker/now Rocket Trevor Ariza recently appeared on the 570 KLAC’s Myers & Hartman Show in Los Angeles. TA was asked various questions about the ultimately failed negotiations that resulted in a Houston relocation. Not many specifics revealed, but that’s what actually made the interview noteworthy. Here’s what I found most interesting:

* How largely uninformed Ariza appeared while trying to relay what happened between the Lakers and his agent, David Lee. His explanations were very unspecific and included a lot of sentiments like “I’m not really sure” and “whatever the situation was.” I found that pretty odd. Perhaps Trevor wanted to tread lightly and avoid painting a negative picture of the Lakers, Lee or himself. I also know from experience that he’s much more comfortable off the record than on it.

Or, as I suspect, Ariza’s retelling of the story was filled with blanks because he was informed of his situation entirely through Lee, as opposed to Lee and the Lakers. Beyond never actually being in a room with any Laker brass, Trevor gave no indication of having spoken directly with Mitch Kupchak at any point. Thus, Lee was the one keeping him in the loop and attempting to make the exact opposite route of Trevor’s first choice sound palatable and/or necessary.
* Ariza didn’t sound thrilled about leaving the Lakers. As he acknowledged, “what kid from L.A. would want to leave L.A.?” TA also lamented having “no control over that.”
* When asked about Lee’s handling of his business, Ariza expressed more loyalty than praise for a job well done. He also acknowledged that the Lakers don’t particularly like Lee, unless I misinterpreted the following comment: “If I was to stay there, (the Lakers) would still feel the same way about him.”

Those “no love lost” sentiments reinforce my initial thoughts on the matter (which felt even more reasonable in light of the report from Hoopsworld’s Eric Pincus). Lee played posturing hardball well before the approach was merited, and the Lakers refusing to bite. From there, Lee looked to gain leverage through meetings with other teams and the Lakers, knowing Ron Artest was available and interested, decided to cut bait and to the chase. Without question, I was surprised events unfolded so quickly, but in retrospect, it makes sense. Lee’s jabbering to the media with July 1st barely in the books felt unusually over the top. It also signaled a hassle in the works. With all due respect to Ariza, a guy I like as a player and a person, he isn’t worth that much drama to secure, especially if the Team Ariza numbers floated are so far out of line with what the Lakers are offering.

In any event, I hope things work out for Trevor in Houston (except, of course, in games against the Lakers). I also think he’d be wise to cut ties with Lee. Between Ariza and Andrew Bynum last season, it’s pretty clear Lee is a pain to work with. That would be fine if he had a client roster big enough that franchises are forced to kiss up. But when your agent’s third biggest client is apparently Hassan Adams, it’s safe to assume he doesn’t “own” the NBA. More importantly, Lee botched the task of getting what Ariza wanted, which, in its own right, is kind of impressive, considering the mutual interest expressed by the Lakers and Ariza in continuing a relationship. That talks broke off so abruptly and acrimoniously feels like a sign that Trevor should look elsewhere for representation.
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LakerNation I begin this blog with a heavy heart, for one Trevor Ariza! Let me be clear from the beginning, I only wanted to see Trevor Ariza in a Lakers uniform for a long time to come, and on this 2 day of free agency we have found out that will NOT be. Trevor Ariza has just agreed in principle to a deal reportedly worth $32mil with….THE HOUSTON ROCKETS? Trevor took the full mid level exception from the Rockets and will begin his tenure as a Houston Rocket in 2009-2010 season. LakerNation it really was hard for me to just wrap my mind around this. Trevor Ariza’s agent David Lee has done a TREMENDOUS disservice to his client. He attempted to come at the Lakers in the same manner he did last year when the Lakers were looking to sign Andrew Bynum to an extension, but what he did not understand was Bynum is a rare Center with great potential, but small forwards who have been CONSISTENT for years were very much available and willing to play for the NBA Champion Lakers! So David Lee played hard ball and now Trevor is with a team, who is not sure what it’s future holds for the upcoming season…but hey at least he is paid! And to think of that he took the mid level exception, isn’t that what the Lakers offered him?Yes it was, so because the Lakers offered you what the league wide value was for you on top of putting you in the starting line-up on a championship caliber team, and gave you a chance to shine and showcase your skills, the mid level was “a slap in the face”…I don’t get it! But Trevor I am not blaming you, your stock was high this year and this is a business, but I am disappointed that you chose to take this personally, and go with Houston, who is giving you the same thing the Lakers offered you to stay! So we say goodbye to a very gifted and talented player in Trevor Ariza do well in Houston (except against us…lol)!

Hello Ron “Tru Warrior” are about to be a Los Angeles Lakers! Now I mentioned Artest as a possible replacement if Trevor decided to go elsewhere, but I never imagined we would get him at such a deal…3yrs $18mil…The Lakers just one-upped every trade done to date! In acquiring Ron Artest the Lakers lose nothing from the basketball aspect, but they do gain someone that has been labeled a “problem child”, but truthfully he has not been that way since the Indiana incident. He also is not considered a “bad teammate”. Ex-teammates of Ron, has never spoken ill of him…so that tells me that he knows how to act on the court and in the locker room, and that’s all that matters to the Champs! So I will not make this “too long” of a post: Simply welcome Ron some of us have been long awaiting your arrival, and get ready for your first NBA Championship!

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LakersNation I always hate this time of the year…after our team has been successful. Mainly because when you have had success, it’s like “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it,” RIGHT? Now, after going to back to back NBA Finals, and bringing home the trophy this year, now we could possibly “lose” two of the most important pieces to this championship puzzle. Trevor Ariza has NOT had HIS BIG PAYDAY, and after the way he played in the playoffs we all know that he is deserving of that BIG CONTRACT, but what does that do for the rest of our team? If Detroit, Portland or Toronto offers him “ridiculous” money then I know the Lakers will have to pass on him, like they did Ronny Turiaf…and that will be a shame. But I hate the way his agent “spins” this saying, “It’s a question of how committed the Lakers are to competing again,” Lee said! How dare he QUESTION the LAKERS organization will to WIN! We all know what an asset Trevor is to this team, but he was still on a team that ALLOWED HIM TO SHINE! Having Pau Gasol, Kobe Bryant on your team will always give you wide open looks, and it was your $3mil job to knock those shots down. Now if he wants to go to either of those 3 teams (Portland is the only one that will truly be able to do something next season) and his run at a championship will be over for at least 3 more years. But he will be PAID. So I’m sure that if he is offered anywhere from $9mil and up, he WILL NOT BE RETURNING TO THE LAKERS!

So who possibly could come in and do the job of Ariza for the next year or two? Well there has always been this love/hate relationship between Ron Artest and the Laker Fans, even though we all know he would LOVE to play on this team with Kobe and Lamar, especially now that Yao Ming future is uncertain. Honestly Artest is the only other player that could give the Lakers the offense of Ariza and the defensive presence as well!

Now let’s look at guys that made big money already, but will HAVE to take a pay cut, and may be willing too in order to win a RING: Shawn Marion-he certainly will not be making $18mil next year, with him on the team…Lamar goes back into the starting lineup, and Shawn comes off the bench (he is just an older version of Trevor) but not too old! Al Harrington is known for launching 3’s, so we know he can help on that end, but he would have to buy into the defensive aspect of the game…lol. DISCLAIMER: THESE ARE JUST NAMES MENTIONED FOR THE PURPOSE OF KEEPING OUR BASKETBALL MINDS TURNING..LOL! Now on to the next one: Charlie Villanueva-Milwaukee did not extend a qualifying offer to him, so he is available. This season we have seen Charlie’s ppg and rebounds go up, what is he worth on the open market…not sure? Then there is Rasheed Wallace-who I’m not sure if he would play for the Lakers, I know he is NOT interested in playing for the not sure? Marquis Daniels is a good young player as well! Remember I was only looking at forwards. Desmond Mason is also that type of guy(hard worker, eager to please)!

So I guess we should be happy that their are “options”, even though our FIRST ONE IS TO HAVE TREVOR BACK IN THE PURPLE AND GOLD! If he not signed, it’s NOT the organization fault, remember Dr Buss HAS MADE A COMITTMENT BY PAYING LUXURY TAXES THIS YEAR; it’s not Ariza’s fault, because the players have to strike while the iron is hot, and it’s his turn for the BIG PAYDAY.



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Sources: Ariza leaning toward leaving Lakers

Sources: Ariza leaning toward leaving Lakers

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Trevor Ariza’s short but sweet stay in Los Angeles might be coming to an end.


The 24-year-old swingman, who played a key role in the Lakers’ run to their 15th NBA championship, is on the verge of leaving the club, sources close to the situation said on Wednesday.

With at least five teams pursuing Ariza, the Lakers are currently unwilling to pay him more than the $5.6 million mid-level exception.

“They’re letting him go,” one of the sources said.

Cleveland is making a hard push for Ariza, and the Cavaliers’ coaching staff was speaking with him on Wednesday. While Cleveland can only offer the mid-level as well, Ariza’s disappointment with the Lakers’ stance has moved other suitors ahead of his current team.

The Rockets, Clippers, Raptors and Blazers are also showing interest in Ariza. Portland and Toronto could each offer more than the mid-level exception.

If the Lakers refuse to increase their offer, it’s a clear indication that they are choosing their other big free agent forward, Lamar Odom, over the younger Ariza.

Ariza averaged 8.9 points and 4.3 rebounds in the regular season for the Lakers last season. He increased his scoring to 11.3 points and had 4.2 rebounds per game in the playoffs. He had 16 points and 15 points in the last two Lakers victories in the Finals.

Those numbers were a jump over his career averages of 6.9 points and 3.8 rebounds per game. Ariza has played for three teams in his five-year career.

Chris Broussard covers the NBA for ESPN The Magazine.

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