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Chris Brown is back to his promo ways. The singer/songwriter is currently traveling and doing promotion for his upcoming album: X. He explained the meaning of “X” as being the 24th number in the alphabet, X (the roman numeral) stands for the #10, cause the singer turns 24 in May. His first official single from the album is called “Fine China” and is due to be released on 4/1. Check out the interview he did with Ryan Seacrest on KIIS FM 102.7, where the singer was very open about his relationship with Rihanna..where he stated “I’m eternally grateful….”

But the most impressive statement for me was when one of the interviewers gave him the opportunity to blame it on his age…Chris responded “I could put that on my age, but that would just be making an excuse. I think for me at 18 or 19, I was capable of writing/producing songs so you know I’m also capable of making right choices…”

Now the singer always take a moment to have fun to do his artwork. Check out the video below as he creates art.

Chris Brown X SLICK from Vimeo.



You don’t have to like her. You can say she goes to far…whatever! Rihanna understands who she is, what the media tries to do, and how to use it to her advantage. With everyone still trying to guess if she & Chris Brown are together or not…she says “Nobody’s Business” in a complex magazine interview. Then releases the artwork for her 2 next singles…”Pour It Up” & “Stay” which is a picture of she & (seemingly) Chris Brown. The pic look like one that we all seen when the two were spotted at Greystone nightclub.
A marketing genius.



With so much going on in her life in the past few weeks, Rihanna decided to give her fans a treat: She previewed her album artwork for her 7th studio album. The first single, Diamonds was ushered in on the first day with being #1 in 13 different countries on Itunes, followed by becoming #1 on Billboards R/B & Hip Hop chart. She also asked the “Navi”(her loyal fan base) to find the album title within the “AllBlackEverything” on the cover, which revealed the title of the album to be: SideEffects. But in my opinion I love UnApologetic better. Afterwards though she tweeted that she will be making an announcement for the official album title. Check out the artwork…Rihanna better work!!!

Update: She let it be known that Unapologetic is the official name of the album and is dropping on 11/19. Now tell me that title doesn’t encompass all of who and what RiRi is?

 You gotta love Ri! Haters keep talking, while she keep stalking the charts. I swear the more people hate on her she gains another million followers on twitter…lol. Not too mention she leads the nominations for the American Music Awards, along with Nicki Minaj.

Buy: Rihanna-Diamonds 



The 22yr. old grammy award winning singer has just released the offiical artwork for his 4th studio album, Fortune. The album is slated to be released May 8, 2012.

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