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The Pride of the LadyVols on the LINE vs Baylor

Hello ladyvolnation! Well the two exhibition game are over and done with..defeating Carson Newman by 90, and then defeating Delta State by 33. We all watched how potent our offense can be, when Angie Bjorklund is hitting shots. She was 9-14 for 21pts, and the freshman phenom, Taber Spani…oooh the girl has a shot that is just beautiful, but what I love most is her “nose” for the ball. She has managed to grab 19 rebounds in her first two games as a Lady Vol, with 14 of those being offensive boards. With those two hitting on the perimeter, it opened up the inside game, and we watched Kelly Cain and Glory Johnson go to work against Carson Newman. However against Delta St. Glory was hampered by foul trouble, and at times what looked like fatigue. Without Vicki Baugh on the floor, Glory has to be a presence, no excuse me, Glory must be the ENFORCER. Don’t forget, she was ranked #2 in the country when she came in last season. She is very capable of wreaking havoc on the boards, and scoring in the post.

That brings me to the reason I spoke of “pride” of our LadyVols…last year this team manage to “fail” at almost everything possible. Yeah it was extremely hard for me to type that sentence, but unfortunately it’s true. Last season, teams really believed they could come into the Summit and beat them..and that happened way too much then, but this can be an embarrassment on a whole other level. The last dunks to come in womens basketball all belong to LadyVols, except for the one dunk Sylvia Fowles got in her last season at LSU. Michelle Snow, and Candace Parker have both dunked in games on other opponents floor, most notable Parker in Connecticut. No opponent has dunked on a LadyVol team…EVER! We know Brittney Griner is “itching” to be the first to ever do that…but Kelly Cain has a different thought towards that…NOT IN OUR HOUSE! Kelly is playing great, but most importantly, she looks healthy. She stands at 6’6 and with Griner at 6’8, that battle in the post is going to be something. No matter what, and at ALL cost..there will not be a dunk by Brittney Griner at the expense of the “Big Orange” cause even if we win the game…sportscenter will show that dunk over and over. So memo to all of our post players…you have 5 fouls, use them.

The lineup that worked well together: Cain,Stricklen,Bjorklund,Spani, and Manning. Johnson seemed to flourish coming off the bench. Yet, no matter what 5 players start on Sunday, we should have our way with Baylor. Hopefully our ladys will strap that Orange on…and seek REDEMPTION. As far Cain and Griner…Cain when asked about the game Sunday said; “I’m ready for EVERY GAME”…I’m ready! Brittney get your weight up…your height is superior, but you don’t weigh enough.

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LadyVolNation Introducing UT LadyVol: Vicki Baugh (HEART)

LadyVolNation when I say stand up, I mean get on your feet for this next introduction. Victoria Baugh deserves every bit of it! Let me start by saying I really love this kid right here. Being a LadyVol fan over 15yrs, I have been able to spot those who are truly passionate about the game, but also passionate about that “orange” on they chest, and this young lady epitomizes LadyVol basketball.
When I first watched Vicki play, I honestly began to think, “the next big thing” at Tennessee! Yes that was my first impression. That 6’4 lanky frame hit the court with one thing in mind: WIN! Vicki is a great post player, whether she is at the Center spot or down on the low block, she gives the opponents nightmares. In a game against LA Tech in the 07-08 season she had 6pts/16rbs/4blks/4asst…tell me that just don’t give you chills as a LadyVol fan. Vickie’s seasons have been cut short due to injury. She tore her acl in the national championship game versus Stanford, she had 8pts/4rbs in that game. I call her the HEART of the team because even on that team laden with Seniors, in the biggest game of their season, she screamed out “Let’s Go Ya’ll, Let’s Go” with tears streaming down her face, as she limped away in pain. I watched Nicky Anosike shed tears, and watched Candace Parker get this look on her face that said, we are not going to lose this game. Vickie got her leg wrapped up, and came back out on crutches to watch her teammates win their second national championship back to back. Nation when Vicki is on the floor, this high powered offense flows so smoothly, and the defense cranks up a notch. I truly believe Vicki loves blocking shots and rebounding more than any points she scores.
I know we have been spoiled and have at times taken for granted the “greatness” that has graced The Summit (Charles, Holdsclaw,Catchings, and Candace Parker), but when this one gets back on the court we have to show our appreciation! If you don’t believe me, just watch how this team flows with Vicki in the lineup, observe it for yourself, she is a fearless leader, and she loves everything about Tennessee! That’s what we want right?(imagine Baugh,Kain,Johnson, Bjorklund, and Stricklen as the starting 5)! One more time-standing ovation for Victoria Baugh.

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