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Bow Wow is so silly, and afraid! Well not really, the rap phenom was riding in the car with Angela Simmons and decided to post a video of the experience to his Instagram with the caption:


 I know they both say they are really good friends, but this is another “couple” CelebrityMinistry hoping to see get together. I mean Bow has a beautiful daughter, and he’s settled (somewhat meaning he doing the 106&Park thing etc..) just seems that this may be the perfect time now.





I must say that every since August of 2012 (Oprah Interview), I waited to see if Chris & Rihanna would be able to truly find their way back to each other. It seems they did. Chris has been quick to say in recent interviews that he was glad to have her back in his life, and that they indeed are a couple. Yet, things have been OFF to say the least. Now let me say right now …I have NO inside scoop on there life, but it’s not what CelebrityMinistry is about…it’s simply about praying for these artist and looking at what they are giving to the public. In the above pic, (allthefinerthingsinlife..who says they are friends with CHRIS not necessarily rihanna) speaks out to a degree on what’s happening with the couple right now…being that the Chrianna fans are having a fit since Chris unfollowed Rihanna on twitter 2 days ago.

My problem with some of these answers is that they suggest that Rihanna has a drug problem that stems farther than her island roots of weed smoking, but to possible much harder drugs. I cannot say yea or nay..but to put that suggestion in the air to the people who actually think of this person as a reliable source oh boy! The fact that Rihanna (as big of a superstar as she is) keeps her life on display, Almost seemingly hiding nothing…and is to the point of next level drugs…what’s really going on?

Right here it’s suggested that Rihanna doesn’t just smoke weed. Now I understand Chris is this persons “friend” so protecting him is #1 priority, even in the end if its true…telling the fans this I just don’t know what to say.

See this right here suggest that Ciara and Chris were intimate on some level. Now anybody can see that whatever this “problem” is that Rihanna has with Ciara is way deeper that the old fashion show police thing. Chris let it be known in the “Breakfast Club” interview that he & Rihanna basically put their cards all out on the table as far as who they slept with since the breakup. We also know that Bow has been emphatic about never getting back with Ciara..but that’s why this small suggestion uh well y’all get it.

And the ultimate “cocaine” question comes up! And the reply is:

Now the funny thing is I realized that Media Takeout visit this person page along with Chrianna tumblr page as a “source” for news..which is the ONLY reason that I hate to see this stuff on display. And yes I’m blogging about it..simply because I’m constantly pulling for this couple. And as a blogger this is where I express those thoughts. Yet I’m not friends with either of them. It’s funny that Chris tweeted a statement about loyalty recently and everyone is assuming he talking about Rihanna, but honestly I think it’s more toward the friends he has in his camp. Cause no matter what she’s doing…the fact that she has allowed her name to become synonymous with his again (and trust me I love Chris) letting people know its okay to love him again, says a lot. And I believe that Chris has shown that.

So if this breakup is for real, and lets say its for all the reasons stated by this person…as her best friend..he doesn’t have to STAY, but he needs to see her through this so that she doesn’t truly demonstrate LOVE WITHOUT TRAGEDY!

Pray for your favorite celebrity right now! Because you have no idea what they endure on a daily basis. Money does not fix hearts/minds! And no superstar goes in thinking yea I’m going to do drugs until I tarnish my legacy and ultimately kill myself! The pressures of evil are real! That’s why you can’t SERVE God & money! It just doesn’t work. And understand what serve means!

I also know that the devil come hardest when something is a threat to his demise. Remember the devil number one tool that he uses is deception. It’s a ploy to make us think something opposite of what God has already said, ordained, or put in place. It’s the devil hope that we will SPEAK against that plan or purpose…remember he is the accuser of the breathren. So when we SAY something opposite of what God said or ordained…the devil goes before the throne and challenges God vs His own word saying: You said that they have what they SAY…and remember God holds His WORD above HIS name.

So even if you “feel” that these two shouldn’t be together…check the SOURCE..because God doesn’t move based on our feelings! And remember if sinning against the One that love you was unforgivable…then none of us would be heaven bound, and Jesus would not have had to die in order to reconcile us back to the Father. 


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@AngelaSimmons Talks Love with @YMCMB_BW

Hey guys,

Recently, I was thinking it would be interesting to share different perspectives on love and life from those around me. I think we all can relate to these topics as we continue to grow as individuals (progress, not perfection!) and thought it would be cool to begin a Q&A series. Recently I talked to Bow about his thoughts on love and relationships. Here’s what he had to say:

How would you describe yourself in a relationship?
I’m cool laid back. Don’t really trip much. I’m the only child so it’s like I’m used to doing things on my own. So I don’t mind cleaning and all that. I don’t let my woman do all the work, I don’t believe in that. I just roll with the flow.

What would your dream date be?
You know what I really wouldn’t know. I ain’t been on a date in so long… My dates aren’t dates — like if I hit you to invite you out, it’s usually to the club or a game or something. It’s a fun atmosphere. I ain’t know people still did those traditional dinner dates with the flower in the center of table. Haha

What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on?
I can’t remember the last date I been on. But I never had a bad experience with a woman we when we out.

What qualities do you look for in a partner?
Looks, smarts, attitude… all that is important. She gotta have a job and just play her role. Be loyal and we all good.

What are some of your pet peeves in a relationship?
I hate doing things a woman might want me to do. Like, that’s why you like me is because of who I am. Don’t change me, because I’m not looking to change you. Don’t ask me a million questions. I hate being drilled because of her insecurities.

What’s a deal breaker for you in a relationship?
Going through my phone.

What’s a common mistake you think a lot of couples make?
Not being open and honest and just experiencing things together to make the relationship stay fresh and new.

What do you value in a partner/relationship?
The love, the bond, the not being alone. I value her. Oh yeah… and the sex ha!

What’s something you’ve learned from previous relationships?
Sometimes you better off single. That’s real.

Love is…
POWERFUL. Be cautious who you use that word with.

What’s something you’ve learned from previous relationships? Share with me below!
XO, Angela

I really wish Bow Wow would sit his butt down because Angela is definitely,seemingly, a great fit for him!

Angela Simmons




On his 26th birthday (3/9) Shad Moss (Bow Wow) dropped his 5th installment of his Greenlight series mixtape. I definitely have enjoyed the previous installments, on this 5th one, he has his longtime friend, DJ Jus as well as DJ Ill Will hosting this one. Take a listen and download below.

Download: Bow Wow-Greenlight 5



Let me start by saying, it seemed as if this So So Def reunion has been in the making forever. The long 20 year journey that CEO, music mogul, Jermaine Dupri has taken, since 1992 has had all of his fans right along with him. The road has never truly strayed from the script: Taking unknown talent, listening to them, getting to know who they are, translating that through the music he produced and wrote, and wal lah…multi-platinum artists. His unique style is unmatched and unparalled to any…and this fan must say that what he did on this night has not been done since Motown 25! There is arguably no other CEO alive right now that could assemble all of his acts (former or present) on one stage, for ONE NIGHT ONLY.

The one thing I had to make sure of at this concert was that I was able to meet Derrick “D-mac” McKenzie. Now I know alot of you guys may not know who he is now, but trust me, this time next year…everyone will be screaming his name. He is a rapper out of Miami (the best in Dade bar for bar is what he was named by Street Connect DJ’s, along with lyricist of the year award and other accolades). His latest mixtape: Date With Destiny is off the chain, and he’s working on the follow up, Dear Destiny, which is due out early spring. Get ready for him! Oh and one other juicy tid bit…he is the other half of TEAMPHATMAC. 🙂

Right here I told him that I had to get a big hug in…hey it was my first time actually meeting him..hehehe.

Destiny Underwood is a 13yr. old singer/songwriter who I met on Jermaine Dupri’s site, Global14. The young lady had music on iTunes, videos, the works…and her time is definitely coming. You guys have to google her!

Monica and Alesia were caught off guard, but as you can see, Monica stay camera ready lol. And isn’t her natural hair just beautiful? Alesia stays busy coordinating weddings and events, so getting her to be still to take this picture was

I was able to get a couple of pics with some of the G14 crew before the show.

I was so happy when the show finally started. It was Kriss Kross, Da Brat, Jagged Edge (accompanied by Bryan Michael Cox), Xscape (with Tameka & LaTocha..Kandi nor Tiny showed up), Lil Jon, Playa Poncho, Youngbloodz, Young Jeezy, Usher, Mariah Carey, Monica, Jay Z, Ludacris, & more. I was able to get a few pics…other pics I got from my home girl, Shawntina.

Da Brat came out and did her thang. She rocked Funkdafied, Give It To Ya, & That’s What I’m Looking For. I think I rapped every verse right along with her.

Jagged Edge emerged on the stage with none other than Grammy-award winning Bryan-Michael Cox on piano…and the crowd went ballistic. They sang hits such as Let’s Get Married, Promise, & I Gotta Be.

Then a woman by the name of Monica Denise Brown (yes I had to say her entire name)..because she simply uh SLAYED the stage. Monica sang a verse from her #1 hit (So So Def) Love All Over Me…wait for it..acapella..dang I mean she KILT THE STAGE.

Lil Jon and JD decided that it was time for a DJ battle. Lil Jon let the crowd know (as if the true fans didn’t lol) that he was an A&R for JD, that he also put together the So So Def Bass All Star compilation albums. He brought out Playa Poncho & the Youngbloodz during his set. JD brought out Dem Franchise Boys & he brought out Nelly.

I hope ya’ll remember Bone Crusher! I Aint Neva Scared. Yo I thought the building was going to fall down when we all starting stomping to the song. lol

And yes…KRISS KROSS was in the building. And they started the show off right. Jump Jump!

Bow Weezy hit the stage and reminded us of where he started. He performed, Fresh Az Im Is, Outta My System, & Like You. We all were praying to see Ciara hit the stage. Main I just don’t understand people from the A, not represent for JD. I mean everyone knows that Ciara & Bow are long why not come and perform the song that is arguably one of the biggest hits of your career..smh. Nevertheless this fan was sure happy to be the one that Bow serenaded.

The Scott sisters (Tameka & LaTocha) representing for the group Xscape. Now let me just say, out of all the acts this one was suppose to be very special to me. Why? Because had all 4 of those ladies hit the stage together (Kandi, Tiny, LaTocha, & Tameka) the house would have not been able to recover. As a fan, it was all any of us wanted to see. Because whether the group would have been truly reconciled, or simply there to show respect for Jermaine Dupri & So So Def on it’s 20th anniversary, it would have show other ladies the power of God/healing/restoration/and yes sisterhood.

I must admit I was extremely disappointed by the decision that Kandi made to not attend the show (but I also know that this thing is just not black & white…the HURT RUNS DEEP), but the fact that TINY did not show up is an entirely different situation. While everyone is on Kandi…at least she has voiced that she has issues with both Scott sisters in the group (namely LaTocha), but to all of our knowledge there was no “beef” as far as Tiny was concerned with ANY member of the group. So why was she not there? I mean it was the 20th anniversary of the label that put her on (hey those platinum albums, allowed the door to be opened for No Scrubs to be written, and all of her other accomplishments) it allowed us (the fans) to know her name…and she did not show up? I seen the pics of her and her hubby online on ski’s etc…and I’m not knocking family time…but was this REALLY not that important for her to fly the show..and fly back out? I just don’t get it.

Well this is my thoughts to Kandi & the Scott sisters…hurts, pains, are genuine to the person who is feeling them. And to the people who simply don’t understand why, all you have to do is step out of your shoes (perspective) and step into the person who is still dealing with the pains & hurts, to get an understanding (take yourself out).

Jd told Nelly: “If you are going to come on my stage, then I need you to be Nelly.” Whelp off came the Thank you JD.

So So Def’s reigning princess of R&B came out and performed her top 10 hit, You’re The One…Dondria simply can sang. She belted the song out like nobody’s business. It’s funny because the whole crowd was singing along…and yes her sophmore album is over 70% finished..and there will be a release this year. Her new single: Little Things should drop sometime early spring.

Now how could JD do a 20th anniversary show, and Usher not come through. Well that’s exactly what Usher was thinking. He promptly let it be known that no one has more #1 hits with JD than him. And he gave a taste of U Got It Bad, My Way, Confessions, Burn, & more…then brought out Ludacris and Lil Jon, & they performed: Lovers & Friends.

It’s funny that a lot of people did not know that Anthony Hamilton was signed to So So Def when he first hit the scene with Charlene. Well he came through to show love to JD and peformed that hit for the crowd.

 Lil Jon, Ludacris, & JD performed Welcome to Atlanta. I was hoping that Diddy would come out and perform, because according to his instagram he seemed to be in the building. Yet the performance was beautiful. Ludacris expressed his gratitude to JD for putting him on his first joint back in the day.

 And what everyone was waiting for…Jay Z hit the stage to honor Jermaine Dupri. They performed Money Aint A Thang together. Then Jay proceeded to drop a few verses to some of his hits..but he had to let the DJ know first…”I don’t do the vocals” referring to the fact that he needed instrumentals with no vocal on them. Nice!

 Up close and personal view of Bone Crusher…uh Rich Ross who..he started this lol.

Mariah Carey came out and presented JD with his 20th anniversary cake…”Congratulations Jermash”
When they dropped her song…the crowd went nuts…and as it seemed she may sing..her MIC WAS NOT WORKING…smh!

Da Brat came out with the lighter…lol, to light the candles on the cake. How appropriate that his lil sister, and one of his best friends in the industry presented him with this.

Mariah would not have missed this even for anything. Hopefully these two are in the studio working on her new album as well.

 I capped the night off with seeing one of my favorite artist and asking for a pic. Dondria is one of the most humble & gifted singers to come along in quite some time. Her journey started on youtube, and now she is part of one of the most historical moments in history. She has the right label at the right time.

 And again, for all of you who don’t know..this is PhatMac. lol

Phatfffat & D-Mac were nice enough to take a picture for me. Although I love other celebrity couples..this one will always be my faves.

I have been to more concerts than I can count..but I will say without a doubt this had to be the best concert I have ever attended. Congratulations again to Jermaine Dupri for 20years of excellence.



Bow Wow is preparing to release the 5th installment of his GreenLight mixtape series. He started it with the Dope (freestyle) & now he dropping this joint: Loving On My Mind (which is the clean version)..check it out.

Bow has been flirting with his fans about the possibility of hooking back up with his “pops” JD. I really hope he does.



It’s been 20 years for the Remarkable label: So So Def. Founder/CEO, Jermaine Dupri, is preparing to celebrate his chart-topping 20 year career. The super producer has introduced us to the likes of Kris Kross, Da Brat, Bow Wow, Dondria, Usher (on the large scale), heck even the reintroduction of Mariah Carey (The Emancipation of MiMi). The music mogul has decided to celebrate his 20 year anniversary in the form of a concert, with So So Def acts, old & new. The concert will be held at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, GA, on 2/23/13. Tickets go on sale via ticketmaster on 1/19. Until then check out the So So Def Celebration Remix featuring JE, Dondria, Da Brat, Fresco Kane, & Bow Wow.

UPDATE: Jermaine Dupri made the announcement official today, by going to city hall in Atlanta, and since he is the “mayor” it’s about to go down for ONE NIGHT ONLY…all of the So So Def roster (past & present) will be live in concert on ONE STAGE to celebrate 20 years of hits. On hand for the presser was Dondria, Kris Kross, Xscape (LaTocha & Tamika), Bone Crusher, Jagged Edge, & Da Brat.

 Seeing Latocha Scott & Tamika Scott at the presser was a breath of fresh air. I didn’t know if there would be any representation of Xscape at all, so I’m so happy just to see that. With all of the turmoil that surrounded the break up of the group, I would say that I’m praying that for just this ONE NIGHT..that hurt feelings, egos, miscommunications, etc..can be placed  (in the injury bowl), on hold…until they can all let God heal them, so that Jermaine Dupri can see all his multi-platinum artist in one spot celebrating this achievement. Because whether they all like it or not…God brought them all together, and they gave us some of the most timeless music ever…I’m going to be in the building…I’m going be at the celebration…I pray that Kandi & Tameka Harris is as well. And yes, it is that simple!

Nonetheless, it’s going to be the biggest party in Atlanta that night. Finally, we get to show Jermaine Dupri how much we love and respect what he has done in the industry for over 20years. Yall Know What ThisIz!



Bow Wow hops on Rick Ross’s Diced Pineapples track. Check it out.



Shad Moss (aka Bow Wow) is taking the time to expand his “lane” or brand, some would say. The 25 year old actor/rapper and now host of B.E.T.’s 106 & Park (I mean he is Mr. 106) is as Kobe Bryant would put it..”putting on his big boy pants” and showing a very mature side of himself, all while making sure to give his millions of fans a piece of himself daily.

Now that step has taken him to the Queen of Talk, Oprah Winfrey…where Bow will be interviewed for the OWN network. With a life that Shad has had since he was 6yrs. old, I know he and Oprah will have a lot to talk about. I’m sure a “love life” question will be placed in there somewhere, along with maybe a question about his relationship with his dad, you know the sometimes uncomfortable questions. But Oprah will have to get up early in the morning for Bow, because he pretty much allows his fan to know a lot about him already…sooo make it good for us Oprah.

Check out the post that Bow put on Facebook recently. He talks about the Underrated album (that we have still yet to hear…honestly I don’t think we will as long as Drake, Nicki, & Wayne are making albums. One thing I will say is I know he a loyal type guy, so he won’t really make a “big deal” out of this in public…but I seen this coming the day he made the announcement.

He also let it be known that he will drop another Greenlight Mixtape Series: Vol. 5 in 2013.

SideNote: What’s wrong with continuing to make history where you started it at? I mean there are relationships that God brings together in ways more than just marriages. The chemistry with JD/Bow in the studio still is a hit making team. Couldn’t they grow the “lane” together?

 Well we also know that Teresa (Shad’s mom) will make sure that his condo is ready for Oprah! lol

 I’m so glad that Bow & Chris still have a good friendship. They both grew up in the industry (Bow more than Chris) and yet through it all their friendship remains in tact. Not too mention it seems as if Bow let it be known that Chris is happy (and has BACK everything he wanted in his

Yet this is the post that was most touching for me. I have heard countless celebrities talk about not wanting to carry the burden of being a role model, but I agree with Bow…it comes with the territory. It’s a responsibility that anyone with influence must embrace and be held accountable for to some degree. We all must remember celebrities are humans, and are subject to err in some way or another, but rather than attempt to bury them, we must pray for them, and keep them lifted up before God, that they may be strengthened at all times to make good decisions.

Congratulations Shad Moss, you are becoming a great man, father, role model, and example of what walking in destiny looks like.
Now tell me who was the EX, who you happen to LOVE TO DEATH, that had you smiling like a kid in a candy store? Haha..yea I know you mysteriously took that post All love!

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