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I got off work this morning listening to Chris Browns latest joint: I Can’t Win! The song is definitely a plea to Rihanna. But a plea to do what? He mentions how she loves the “bottle” referring to her drinking…he mentions the yelling and her unwillingness to compromise..yet let’s it be known he still loves her. When I heard the song I knew the first thing the blogs would report on is the lyric mentioning the “bottle” but how would they speak on it?

Do I believe based off what she has allowed the public to see that drinking/smoking are at an all time high…I absolutely do! And to be honest watching Chris do his recent interviews (and the fact he has a medical marijuana card lol) he seems high too much for my liking as well as smoking cigarettes (do they even realize they are singers smh)!
Yet I will say we SEE Rihanna doing it often because she allows us too see. The first thing I have learned as minister is when people don’t even attempt to hide the problem they are SCREAMING for someone to help them. But who is the person God has called forth and GRACED with the anointing & patience to see the mission through? We know everyone got tired with Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, & that’s just recent superstars! This picture right here says soooo much!

Now here we are watching Chris & Rihanna rekindle their friendship/love affair and people are talking publicity stunts! Wow! As for Rihanna she is sitting at what I believe to be the pinnacle of her career (are their any more records to break), and she has perfected this good girl gone bad image! Needing more publicity is not needed! Going to court with Chris has NOT benefitted her one bit with album sales/single sales but it has changed the minds of some of my closets friends who refused to have anything else to do with his music/career. And yes that’s crazy but it’s their right. What did Chris have to gain…the one woman he loved with every fiber of his being. I don’t think she maneuvered her way back into his life…in her time she decided she wanted it again. He could have easily said NO! If she had a drinking problem before…he already knew that! He didn’t have to break up with Kae to be her friend we all know that.

Chris NEVER thought he would do to a woman what he watched his step dad do his mom..but it happened! I’m sure he denied that even existed in him…but it happened and it doesn’t even matter why! Rihanna same way…I’m sure she never saw herself “as her father” and yet she find herself with those same issues! So who is praying for them vs waiting for her to be found dead, or some tragic ending as his dad speak of! I was raised watching my mother/2aunts/die early due to alcoholism! They were all physically abused by their mates and they all denied they had a problem! Another commonality they watched as their father beat their mother and vowed to NOT go through the same thing yet all became victims! And my two uncles both hit on their girlfriends at some point! Yet I (who once smoked & drank one day said that’s enough)! How though…I have my life to Christ! And EVERYTHING CHANGED!

When you have a coping mechanism that seemingly works for you it’s hard to replace it with SOMEONE YOU CAN’T SEE…cause Faith seems to distant!

Is Chris a changed man when it comes to his temper…I believe so when it comes to Rihanna, but all around he still working on it…but it took tragedy for him to see he had a problem! I’m praying it doesn’t take that for Rihanna to see it! Honestly I don’t think Rihanna is attempting to hurt Chris…it’s herself that she’s destroying! In the Oprah interview when she was talking about her dad she spoke about EVERYTIME a guy got to a certain point in her heart she would shut down and break it off! She didn’t want to be loved…(watching her parents relationship) and in her eyes when she let go the one time she let go it was with Chris then boom ‘09 happens! And NO her issues are NOT Chris’s just brought back to the forefront of why she protected herself in the first place!
Why do I even care? Heck why does any of us? One I’m a Taurus like Chris..loyal to a fault! And stubborn! Also anywhere I put my MONEY I pray (cause itS a seed)! And I like to see how that seed is growing! I’m an unapologetic Lakers fan through and through lol and I am vested in each player! It’s not my business but yea it’s my business to pray over my investment! And if its in public view then I can speak on it! But I will be careful of this because this tongue is POWERFUL! I love these kids and want Gods Will for them both! We see Chris support system in full view, the question becomes who is Rihanna’s?

Let me start the ball rolling…I’ll be her support! Prayer works!



Chris Brown, fresh off his declaration of love for Rihanna, and letting known that hitting her was his greatest regret. The two were seen at the Supper Club together.

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Every since that fateful day in February 2009, Chris Brown has attempted to become a better man. Well after releasing his top selling album Fortune, here is the visual for his latest single, Don’t Judge Me. Great job Chris.

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This from ESPN’s Ric Bucher on his podcast today. No further details from Ric about when this inquiry incurred or what, if anything specific, the Lakers offered to give up. No handicapping from him, either, on the odds of a deal, so just throw it on the rumor pile.
For what it’s worth, a trade for Devin Harris would be pretty easy to get done under the salary cap. He makes a relatively modest $8.4 million this year and has three years (after this one) left on this contract.
A combination of Adam Morrison and either Jordan Farmar or Shannon Brown would satisfy salary-matching rules and free up money for New Jersey to make their offseason free-agent push.

My thoughts on this trade happening is this: get it done Mitch, only if the deal does NOT include Shannon Brown. Devin Harris is definitely a point guard for the future. Devin is averaging 16pts/6asst, which would be a great boost in both departments for my Laker team at the point guard position. Honestly I believe this “rumor” because I know Mitch is looking for our next point guard to take over for Derek.Though Jordan Farmar has gotten better, he is just not consistent enough for this team. He has more of a score first mentality, and a player like Devin would  be like a kid in a candy store on this team, becoming an assist leader like Chris Paul, or even Steve Nash. I have a feeling the only thing “holding” up this deal, would be the Lakers reluctance to give up Shannon Brown in the deal. And no matter what Mitch, don’t give up Shannon Brown!

Sidenote: Shannon Brown is set to co-star in singer Teyana Taylor’s new video. Check out Teyana’s tweets from earlier today between her and her assistant Eli

Shannon Brown with Jordan Farmar at Shannon’s birthday party! Great Choice Teyana!

TeyanaTaylor rt @ELISHAH YES FOr having S.Brown12 FUCKING SEXY ASS in YOUr next VIDEO @TEYANATAYLOR , yesssssss,,i respect it. <

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Farmar to Kobe to Shannon Brown for the DUNK

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Lakers Shannon Brown Inadvertently Exposes Himself…Sexy!!

Laker’s Shannon Brown is caught displaying a “full moon” as Derek Fisher is being interviewed…and you see Lamar Odom…I know Khloe is happy with “that”…I’m sure getting pregnant was no problem!LOL

That was a promo for his Cavaliers-Tenderizing-Celtics-Sterilizing-Magic-Hypnotizing-LeBron-Posterizing-Full-Moon-is-Rising Dunk.

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Shannon Brown & Ron Artest In Toni Braxton’s New Video "Yesterday" ft Trey Songz

See larger image

is getting cozy with for the filming of “Yesterday” music video. In one of the pictures, she is seen leaning against Trey’s chest. The video was filmed on October 8 in Los Angeles and is directed by Bille Woodruff. No specific premiere date is set in stone for the video.

“Yesterday” is the lead single off Toni Braxton’s upcoming studio installment “Pulse“. The track was debuted in September and becomes her first release since going on a hiatus in 2005

Well one thing is for sure, Ms. Braxton has some definite eye candy for the ladies in this new video. Trey Songz is definitely the ‘bizness’, and isn’t Shannon Brown just as cute as he wanna be?

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LakerNation-It’s That Time Again Media Day

Today is media day in El Segundo, and for the first time since Shaquille O’neal left, their were more cameras around a player that was not named Kobe Bryant. Lamar Odom, due to his recent nuptials to Khloe Kardashian, had what looked like a “circus” of reporters surrounding him, as the Lakers gathered together for their first step toward defending their NBA title. It’s 50 years in LA, let’s celebrate with another one. The road to 5 starts here.

While addressing a thirsty group of reporters, Kobe Bryant alluded to his calm, physically restful offseason, said that the Lakers are 100 percent focused on repeating and continuing to improve, and declined to acknowledge any off court distractions. Lakers center Andrew Bynum spent most of his offseason training in Atlanta, where he told us his primary focus was “getting my base back.” Bynum said that his workouts included a lot of work strengthening the muscles around his knees, and declared himself 100 percent healthy. He also talked about his personal goal for the 2009-10 season and what is was like scrimmaging against Ron Artest.

Shannon Brown came to the Lakers in a February 2009 trade from the Charlotte Bobcats, then promptly showed L.A.’s operations office exactly why they’d coveted his combination of athleticism and skill, particularly in the playoffs.

As such, Mitch Kupchak and Co. re-signed Brown subsequent to the season, and are looking forward to seeing him grow even further after a full summer of digesting Phil Jackson’s offense.

Brown mentioned the benefits of coming into training camp with the team when we spoke to him at media day, talked about what he added to his game and gave a quick review of Jay-Z’s new album.


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So Jordan Farmar Wants To Be A Starter?

Laker fans this just in- Jordan Farmar wants to be a starter, whether as a Laker or for another team. Well then Jordan it seems fairly simple to me, “take Fisher’s spot”. It’s no secret that Derek Fisher (who is 35yrs old) has no problem taking a back seat to Jordan or Shannon, as long as the team continues to win. He was more than ready last season for Jordan to take the reigns, but unfortunately Jordan was injured, forcing Fisher to play extended minutes. As Laker fans we all know the potential that Farmar has, but the problem has been consistency. He has averaged around 18minutes a game since he has been in the league, and though the intelligence for the game is there, consistency on defense as well as offense has not added up the way the Lakers or Phil Jackson would like in order to play him extended minutes in lieu of the aging Fisher.

I’ve talked to Mitch a bunch of times and he says he’s got a ton of offers and didn’t consider trading me. It’s just you have to entertain all the offers you get. Since I haven’t got traded, it means they want me here.”

“Derek’s had a great run. He’s probably going to be the guy starting off. I just want to continue to push him.”

But what I need for Jordan to understand, and take very seriously is who is pushing him: SHANNON BROWN! Matter of fact that may be the other way around. Jordan must understand that “tenure” does not automatically mean that you are next in line. Shannon Brown came onto this team just being “greatful” to be here. His whole perspective of being on this Laker team is whatever they want me to do, I’ll do it. His big smile, and eagerness to please has already stapled him in my heart as one of our best role players. Attitude takes you a long way, and we all have watched Jordan sulk and pout when his playing time was not what he desired it to be, but you have to be deserving of the time Phil Jackson gives. All I’m saying is Jordan while you have already pegged yourself as the obvious choice for the next point guard of this star-studded roster, don’t look over your shoulder, rather look to the right of you-standing there is 6’4 211lbs of defense/offensive muscle athletic and most of all “happy to be here”. His name is Shannon Brown.


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