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The day after the release of her new album: Two Eleven, Brandy sends out a big thank you to her fans, who she affectionately call “Starz” to let them know how appreciative she is for them copping her new joint. I will say if you love r/b you have to cop this album. Brandy gives it all to you on this one. Definitely should be in the category for best r/b album of the year. Brandy looks soooo young. Just beautiful, and the album is incredible. I’m so happy she didn’t give up on the purpose God had for her life. I feel like the devil did everything he could to attempt to snatch her purpose from her, but she kept fighting. You delivered in this one lady!Check it out the thank you video below and one of my favorite joints off the album(the entire album is great), So Sick, and Do You Know What You Have.

Buy: Brandy-Two Eleven

I also like the Chris Brown written joint: Slower. After writing Rihanna’s top 10 hit, Disturbia, his skills just continue to get better.




Nasir Jones (aka Nas) is back!! Okay listen, I haven’t purchased a complete hip hop album, since…well let’s just say it’s been a long time. Now I have gotten a single from Itunes, here or there, but Nas new album, Life Is Good is a must have for any true hip hop head. Everything about the album is on point. It’s lyrically sound, the beats are immaculate, and yes he drops knowledge as well as keeps me entertained. My head can’t stop bobbing. Take A listen to a few of my favorite joints from the album, and make sure you click the Pre-Order button…SUPPORT THE ARTIST!

No Introduction


Buy: Nas-Life Is Good

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