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Oh my goodness. Mike Bresnahan of the LA Times is reporting that the Lakers are unwilling to give up Pau Gasol for Boston’s 25yr. old walking triple double, Rajon Rondo? I really hope that this is not true. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m one of the biggest Laker fans in the world and I love what Pau Gasol brings to our team, but we are talking about a guy in Rajon Rondo who has a Chris Paul type mindset on the court, and his hunger to win is always on 10. I’m not sure if that’s a good move for the Lakers not to explore this situation deeper. You have to give up something to get something, and unfortunately, Pau is the only “movable” piece we have.

The Lakers are unwilling to trade Pau Gasol for Rondo, making a deal with Boston unlikely before the trade deadline Thursday.

The only reason I’m okay with the trade of Pau Gasol for Rajon Rondo is simply because the offensive style the Lakers are now running calls for a point guard that’s on the highest level. Lebron James in this same offense was able to get to the finals with a pg named Mo Williams, so imagine Kobe, Andrew, and Rajon on the same team. That would definitely be an upgrade for Mike Brown’s chances to get back to the finals again.

It’s always tough to trade a player of Pau’s caliber, simply because of his dedication to the organization and the team. Also you know the Lakers don’t want to have another big “falling out” with a player, like with what happened with the Lamar Odom trade. I would not want to be Mitch Kupchak. What do you think LakerNation, is this a good decision by the Lakers to not trade Pau for Rondo? Will a lower level pg do this roster any justice, or should you go for the right now/future all in one trade?



Okay I don’t know how much I would allow this to be mulled over, but Eric Pincus of HOOPSWORLD has a “theory” that leads him to possibly believe that the Celtics & Lakers are talking about a possible trade that would land Rajon Rondo in LA, and Pau Gasol in Boston.

Now although I really won’t hold my breath to see this happen, BUT let’s explore it anyway. With David Stern flexing his muscle against the Lakers and nixing the possible trade for all-star guard Chris Paul, and watching the Celtics struggle early in the season (although they are doing better now), it begin to way in my mind that the league seemed to be putting a nail in the coffin for 2 of the greatest franchises in NBA history. Cause remember, the Celtics also offered Rondo to New Orleans (the league owned team) for Chris Paul and were turned away. Now as we sit 35 games into the 66 game season, the 2 most historic franchises are looking to add pieces to stay in the hunt. No other teams in the league will seemingly help them, so why not help each other. Contrary to popular belief, the only thing bigger than the Celtic/Laker rivalry is the fact that they both know that they are the top dogs in this league, and are not ready to leave their championship ways standing at 17/16.


Lakers vs Celtics Highlights

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lakers vs celtics…here is my take

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Kobe Bryant: The Myth

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Was Boston Celtics Guard Almost "Caught Up?"..Ray Allen

Ray Allen Likes To Talk Dirty….

Written by Necole Bitchie under Celebrities


Let’s talk about Ray Allen aka Jesus Shuttlesworth. You see the tweet he sent out before he claimed his account was hacked??? Embaaaaaaaaaarrrrrassssing! He know he wrote that sh*t. DM Gone Wrong. I hope that was his wife he was tweet sexing O_o. I’m just now getting over the Tiger Woods scandal now this.

My sister sent me this last night and I literally was on the floor (laughing that is). Apparently, NBA star Ray Allen sent out an erotic tweet and minutes later claimed his account was hacked.

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Searching for "Peat" have you seen him?

LakersNation it’s that time again. It’s the preseason of the 2009-10 season, so we are about to begin our quest to find “peat.” The last time “peat” was spotted was in June of 2002 in New Jersey. The Lakers wrapped “peat” up, and brought him back to Staples Center…to be put on display for the NBA world to see. But somehow he “escaped” and has not been heard of since. LakersNation could he have finally returned to his home? Has he become tired of wondering the cities of the NBA, searching for potential spots to call home if only for 2yrs?Possibly! Yet, “peat” knows one thing for sure, that his home has been wherever Phil Jackson has coached, and returning back to the Staples Center as the prodigal son, understanding that no matter where he goes, he has a home in LA with the Lakers.
Peat we have been awaiting your return, and though you hid yourself from us in that 07-08 season, (attempting to make us extremely upset) like a “jealous lover” by flirting with the boys in green, you came to your senses and now on the 100+ mile(games) journey back to your inheritance. No one loves you more, or appreciate you the way the LakersNation does. Always remember that, thought the grass may seem “greener” on the other side, it will never possess the royal presence, nor the true character of what a champion is. We have searched the cities over, and now that we have found you, it is our intention to “marry” you, and never let you go…at least not before all that your name “peat” represents: Dominance,Dynasty,The Best,& my favorite Lakers.
I can’t wait to see you around this time next season when you are introduced back to society, and most importantly to your family. Peat welcome home, sincerely LakersNation.

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The Celtics "Real Training Camp" a look into the Enemies Camp…

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Pierce declares Celtics as "Team to Beat"

Pierce declares Celtics as ‘team to beat’

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First KG, now Paul. The Celtics have a liking for talking… a lot. Oh yeah, we hate the Cetlics. So let ‘em hear it Lakers Nation!
Yahoo: The Boston Celtics open training camp next week with a new roster and the same confident attitude. Forget that the Los Angeles Lakers are the NBA’s reigning champions. Paul Pierce(notes) is already predicting another title for the Celtics – provided, of course, they stay healthy.
“Before the season even started last year, I was asked, ‘What is going to stop y’all from winning it all?’ ” Pierce said in a phone interview on Thursday. “The first thing I said was, ‘If we’re healthy, we’re going to win it all.’ And I’m going to say it again: ‘If we are healthy, we are going to win it all.’
“I honestly believe that. I think we’re the best team in the NBA, healthy.”
Pierce was speaking from New York where he was promoting the launch of his new “The Truth on Health” youth initiative. The program includes a web-based club, FitClub34, that provides children with resources to become more active.
Related CoveragePlay Fantasy Basketball ‘09 More From Marc J. SpearsPierce angry about replacement refs Sep 24, 2009 Curry declares himself the rookie to beat Sep 24, 2009 Poor health doomed the Celtics’ own hopes last season. All-Star forward Kevin Garnett(notes) missed 25 games, including the playoffs, because of a right knee injury that eventually required surgery. Role players also were in and out of the lineup as Boston went on to lose to the Orlando Magic in the Eastern Conference semifinals.
Pierce said he barely watched the Lakers beat the Magic in the NBA Finals. After the series was over, he tweeted, “Looked like a German shepherd vs. a poodle. That’s OK the Rottweiler Celtics will b back in 2010.

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