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In the past year, Dawn Richard, has brought her full arsenal to the forefront of music. With her hot new EP, Armor On, the burgeoning superstar just continues to make her impact felt in todays music. After freeing herself of the continual questions of whether her and Qwanell (formely Que of Day 26) were still together or not, she took to power 1051 and set the record straight, that ship has sailed. Ah man, I must say that to hear that was painful as a fan of them both, but beautiful at the same time simply because I get to hear what her heart is saying in each and every song she puts out.

Well now, that the heartbreak is over, Dawn has surely moved on with a new love, and timeless music. She gave her fans a treat for reaching over 300K views on her latest video, Bombs, off of Armor On. The song is called Wild N Young, which the singer says it was a toss up of this song, and Change, to place on the EP. Check it out and enjoy.

Download-Wild N Young



Dawn Richard is just biding her time right now. The former Danity Kane member, has not stopped grinding since the disbanding of the group. Now after finally being let out of her contract with Bad Boy, she’s finally ready to strike out on her own. With her fanbase of #Hearts, the rising icon is set to release a 10-song EP, Armor On, exclusively on Itunes, 3/27. Check out the official tracklisting for the EP.


1. “Intro (Call to Hearts)”
2. “Black Lipstick”
3. “Bombs”
4. “Automatic”
5. “Change (Interlude)”
6. “Heaven” feat. Druski
7. “Faith”
8. “Scripture”
9. “Save Me From U (Remix)”
10. “Outro (The Battle)”



Dawn Richard is officially on her “solo” journey. The former Danity Kane member has officially been released from Bad Boy records to pursue her dreams as a solo artist. First let me say, labels if you are smart you will start a bidding war right now for this lady. Her songwriting, experience, vocal styles, places her in a lane all of her own. Not to mention the fact that she has her own sound. Okay it’s no secret that CelebrityMinistry is a Dawn Richard fan, but it’s just great news to my ears. Get ready 2012, because the Dawn Richard era has just begun. Check out her new song Change. Not sure if this will be on her new album, GoldenHearts, which is slated to be released later this year, but enjoy for now.

Also cop her latest single, SMFU (Saving Myself From You).


Jordan Farmar Changes Jersey # to 1?!

Per Eric Pincus of, Jordan Farmar will be switching jersey numbers this upcoming season. Farmar – who, by the way recently changed his jersey number to “1″ – is eager to prove his individual talents in a system that doesn’t really cater to that. That may not work if he’s not willing to defer to team.
Farmar has had lingering issues regarding his attitude, and (some say) cockiness. Although it might be a stretch, who isn’t expecting a few jabs at the number change?
Jordan used to wear the #1 jersey with Taft High School.(via
Let’s see how well this number change work out for him…

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