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Trey Songz finally gave me the video I have been waiting for. Fumble is actually my favorite song off his latest album: Chapter V. Take a look as Trey take you on an emotional ride, describing how he “fumbled” the heart of someone he loved.

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Trey Songz dropped the visual for his latest single, Never Again, off of his latest album: Chapter V.

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Trey Songz dropped his visual for his latest single, Dive In, and it did not disappoint. See this is what I’m talking about, a video that has suspense, sexiness, intrigue, & easy to follow the story line. I loved it because I didn’t have to follow a ton of symbolism, & attempt to understand what in the world was going on. Thank You Trey…lol. The video is definitely stamped with a to be continued sign on it…check it out.

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CelebrityMinistry will start to bring you R/B Tuesday’s from this point on. R/B Tuesday’s will consist of some of the hottest r/b songs current, & past that you may have missed. The songs that will be posted will in our opinion be must haves (if you are a true r/b lover). With the music industry seeming to shy away from true r/b these days, it’s rare to get must haves in this genre..long gone are the days of old, like the 70’s, 80’s, & 90’s when r/b was at all time high…and people truly made love songs. I don’t have to say what the music has evolved into, but there are still a few trying to bring that genuine r/b music back to the forefront. So with that being said here a few songs, albums, that you want to make sure to add to your collection. Let’s support good music together. We don’t want to let the ONE (black genre..said loosely), fall through the cracks.

Trey Songz-Chapter V
Now I must say that although, in my opinion the album falls short of the greatness that the album, Ready, displayed, but it’s definitely better than PPP, & it’s a MUST HAVE. Check out my 2 fav’s from the album below, and click the link to purchase NOW!



Another album that I’m absolute sure people are sleeping on is Tamia’s: Beautiful Surprise. The lovely Tamia brought it on this album. Heck for all that love nostalgia, she even redid her hit song, Still. This true basketball wife is currently going on tour with the one & only R. Kelly, for his “Single Ladies” tour. Check out her hit song, Beautiful Surprise…you can press play, & walk away..yep it’s that good.

Buy: Tamia-Beautiful Surprise

My throwback joint for this entry is Boyz II Men: That’s Why I Love You. Man they simply don’t make music like this anymore. Off of their 2002 album, Full Circle, Boyz II Men continue to make timeless music. Check out the song below, and take that $.99, and buy something good.

Buy: Boyz II Men-That’s Why I Love You



Trey Songz is slated to drop his 5th studio album, Chapter V, on 8/21. This joint right here, Without A Woman, is what I love to hear him do on a record. It’s simply keeping it r/b. Check it out. Also click the link below, and listen to the entire album on Itunes now. Then pre-order the album.

Listen Now



Trey Songz continues to drop joints from his upcoming album, Chapter V. The new song is called Hail Mary, & Trigga enlists the help of Jeezy & Weezy for the track. The r/b crooner is slated to release his new album on 8/21. Check out the new joint & pre-order Chapter V now.

Pre-Order: Trey Songz-Chapter V



Yes! Trey Songz has dropped the video for his new single, Simply Amazing. Now this joint, along with Heart Attack & Dive In, will be the reason I purchase the new album, Chapter V. Enjoy!

Buy: Chapter V

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