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As a loyal and dedicated fan of So So Def, this news was just painful to hear, as I was taking a break at work, and someone walked up to me and said: Chris Kelly from the group Kris Kross passed away. I just kept thinking, maybe it’s a hoax, because I remember some years back they said the same thing about him, only this time…it’s true. Back in February, Jermaine Dupri, held one of the biggest concerts of this era, when he brought all of the acts he has ever signed to the Fox Theatre for a once in a lifetime performance, and guess who opened up the show? That’s right the platinum selling artist: Kriss Kross! Still as vibrant and energetic as ever, they had the entire audience in the palm of their hands, as we all sang along to their hits: Warm It Up Kriss, Jump, & Live & Die in Hip Hop!

 So So Def’s CEO, Jermaine Dupri released this statement to the fans:

The cause of death is still pending, yet their are preliminary reports stating a possible drug overdose. I’m so sick of losing our gifted and talented people to drugs and alcohol! It’s so funny because Dupri kept saying that he would be the first CEO of a record label since Motown that was able to get each group/artist to return to do a concert of that magnitude, because other labels either had bad relationships with former artist OR SOME may have passed away..smh. If I had missed that concert and this happened, I would have been even more devastated.

Chris’s mother had this to say in a statement via the Hollywood Reporter:

it is with deep sadness that we announce that our beloved Chris Kelly has passed away on May 1. To millions of fans worldwide, he was the trendsetting, backwards pants-wearing one-half of Kris Kross who loved making music. But to us, he was just Chris – the kind, generous and fun-loving life of the party. Though he was only with us a short time, we feel blessed to have been able to share some incredible moments with him. His legacy will live on through his music, and we will forever love him.

Yo I know ya’ll remember doing that “dance” they do with the hands and legs..hahahaha!

I don’t know how B.E.T. are planning to honor him at this year’s Awards show in June..but I really hope they do. As a matter of fact…it’s time to honor So So Def period..this is the perfect time.

Buy: Kriss Kross-Totally Krossed Out



After what I’m sure has been one of the most difficult few weeks for Tameka Raymond and her family, word has come that Kile Glover has been taken off life support, and has passed away. I wanted to take a moment to speak to his mother, Tameka Raymond, from the perspective of a mother who has had to endure the same type of situation. As I sat down in Barnes & Nobles today, the SPIRIT OF GOD, just overcame me to make this video, and I pray that at some point when she is ready she will be able to watch it. 



In the wake of her mother passing, it is being reported that Bobbi Kristina has been rushed to the hospital. The 19yr. old, only daughter of Whitney, from her marriage with Bobby Brown, was rushed to the hospital, after being refused by security to see her mother.

Please God, wrap your arms around Bobbi Kristina at this time. We all know how close she was with her mother.

It is also being reported that Whitney’s body was found submerged underwater in the bath tub. Bobby Brown has got to step in right now for his daughter as well as the rest of the family. Prayers up for the family.
Also as a tribute to the late great Whitney, rapper Twista has dropped a track with space for someone to get on the song with him. Check it out. I would love to hear some new songstress on this, like Dondria & Tiffany Evans.



Oh my goodness. After working a night shift, staying up for most of the day, falling asleep, I am awakened by a phone call, and the news is: “Is it true? Is Whitney Houston dead?” In my sleep state, I say NO. Whitney was just seen out with Ray J the other day, along with her being spotted to watch Brandy & Monica rehearse for their upcoming performance together. Then I hop up, and go over to Global14, and sure enough I see it is being reported by several credible news sources that the 48 year old Whitney Elizabeth Houston is dead.

There was shock, confusion, sadness, and anger that rose up in me. Why? It’s not like I knew her personally right? Because just like Michael Jackson, Whitney was like your aunt, sister, mom, etc. Today, I don’t want to see people talking about the drugs, the turmoil, bankruptcy, and any other rumor or whatever about THE VOICE! Instead, understand why she IS and forver will BE, the STANDARD that every female artist should try to attain.

My heart goes out to Bobbi Christina right now, as she was Whitney’s only child, and has had issues of her own, I pray that the Holy Spirit will wrap her up in His arms right now and comfort her, and the rest of Whitney’s family at this time. That includes Bobby Brown.

I also ask that God will please help us as a people to appreciate the gifts that He gives us, and rather than ridicule them, when they are down, or in their lowest state..that we will instead lift them up.

There is so much being said right now, first that Ray J is the one that found her, but now it’s being reported that he was not the one who found her. I simply can’t stop crying right now!

On the eve of music’s biggest night, THE GRAMMY’S, one of the greatest to ever do it is gone. She sold over 170 million albums sold from the Bodyguard alone. She had 7 straight #1 hits, multiple grammy awards, & more.

Bobby Brown is with New Edition right now, on their way to Memphis to perform, and according to Johnny Gill is DEVASTATED and not doing well. That Bobbi Christina is definitely not doing well right now. (CNN)
Approximately 3:23pm Bevelry Hills Hotel made a call to 911. At 3:55pm (LA time), she was pronouced dead at the hotel. According to press conference by Beverly Hills Police. They have NO obvious signs of drug overdose at this time. The rescue squad arrived in 2 minutes and immediately began to perform CPR, and stopped within 20minutes. Which makes you believe that she may have been gone for awhile. (Mark Rosen…Beverly Hills Police)

The cause of death is not yet determined.


Don Cornelius Found Dead

“Soul Train” creator Don Cornelius was found dead at his Sherman Oaks on home Wednesday morning.

Law enforcement sources said police arrived at Cornelius’ home around 4 a.m. He apparently died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the case was ongoing.

The sources said there was no sign of foul play, but the Los Angeles Police Department was investigating.

In a 2010 interview with The Times, he said he was excited about a movie project he was developing about “Soul Train.”

“We’ve been in discussions with several people about getting a movie off the ground. It wouldn’t be the ‘Soul Train’ dance show, it would be more of a biographical look at the project,” he said. “It’s going to be about some of the things that really happened on the show.”

According to a Times article, Cornelius’ “Soul Train” became the longest-running first-run nationally syndicated show in television history, bringing African American music and style to the world for 35 years.

Cornelius stopped hosting the show in 1993, and “Soul Train” ceased production in 2006.

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Good afternoon everyone. Today I just wanted to take a moment to say to everyone how important it is to find out who you are. Not who people say you are, not what has been inferred on you, but who GOD says you are. See in life that’s all that is important. When you are gone it’s the only thing that will be left to speak for you. Let me tell you about the day I became me. It was 1997, seemingly a normal day in my life. I was pregnant with my 3rd child, although I was not married. I had just laid down, when there was a pounding on my front door. I remember my child’s father at the time saying, “they knocking like it’s the police” and sure enough that’s who it was. The look on the police face was enough to let me know that it was beyond serious, needless to say, I was told I had to get to the hospital right then, because my son had been rushed there. Although I could not understand all that was happening, my mind went into overdrive, and I kept reasoning to myself that maybe it was nothing really serious, and that everything would be fine. I guess I should say that my son, along with his older sister, went to spend the night with their father, which is why a policemen had to come and get me as they were rushing my son to the hospital. I could go further into detail, but this would be too long to read…but I will say that when I got to the hospital, my life began to change. The first sign of how bad it was, was the look on my children fathers’ face, it showed fear, despair, pain of the highest magnitude. And this was from a man who generally showed very little emotion. When the doctor realized I was there, he swept me into a room by myself, and let me know the severity of the situation. My son had choked on a very small ball that was lodged into his windpipe, and he passed away on the way to the hospital. My knees became weak, and it was hard to focus from that point. Then I heard the doctor say, they were able to get the ball out, but he surely had been without oxygen for over 15 minutes so they were sure that he would be brain dead. I remembered crying, becoming angry, exhausted, blaming myself, if you can think of it, the emotion surely came.

I didn’t grow up in a home that talked about God at all, and yet I believed that HE was real. I mean it wasn’t that my family didn’t believe that He was real, but more like know one KNEW HIM personally. At that moment in the hospital, I just began to pray, and no I wasn’t saved myself. But I was smart enough to know that if anybody could fix the situation it would have to be Jesus. On the 4th day in the hospital, watching my son make no progress, his body failing him, simply because his brain was not working, it was torcher to watch. I mean as his mother I was completely helpless. As I sat there with my son, praying, in walks this man…he was dressed in a suit, and I assumed he was a pastor. I remember like it was yesterday, he said to me: “Is this your son?” I responded “yes.” He then asked: “do you mind if I pray with you and your son?” I quickly said no of course not. He reached his hand across to me (as I sat on the opposite side of the bed from where he was standing) and he began to pray. When he was done, he asked me this question: “ARE YOU SAVED?” I said, “no.” He said, “do you mind removing your hand from your son for a second and allow me to pray?” I said “absolutely.” Because for me at that point, there was no time to be offended, I just wanted my son to be healed. I removed my hand from my son, and the man began to pray. Yet, he was praying in tongues (even though I had never heard this before). When he was done he said this: “Now Father, let this mother know that her son is not in any pain, and that You have already moved on his behalf, LET HIM OPEN UP HIS EYES.” Now remember my son was brain dead, so responding to commands would not be possible. My son, OPENED UP HIS EYES, AND LOOKED AT ME. I was sitting on a stool, and almost fell off. After about 10 seconds he closed his eyes. The man said: “LORD SHE DON’T BELIEVE YOU, DO IT AGAIN.” This time, my son TURNED HIS HEAD TOWARDS ME, and for about 20 seconds he laid there looking at me. And the man asked me, “DO YOU WANT TO BE SAVED?” I said yes!!! After that moment, the man left, and when I went after him to thank him, no one even knew who I was talking about. My son’s room was right beside the nurses station, yet no one seen this man enter nor exit. I have determined he was sent by God. Right there, I was on the road to becoming me!

You know the real me, who God created me to be. It has been a long road, but one that has had it’s peaks and valleys, and with everyone of them, I have grown more into who I was destined to become. See it’s funny because people throw around the term “being real” often, and yet most of them, have no idea what that means. 2 Corinthians 5:17 says, “Therefore if any person is [ingrafted] in Christ (the Messiah) he is a new creation (a new creature altogether); the old [previous moral and spirtual condition] has passed away. Behold, the fresh and new has come!(Amplified) But if you ever want to become the real you, then it first start with finding out who HE is. See at that moment in the hospital, I believed what I had heard, you know that God was real, Jesus died on the cross, but I had no RELATIONSHIP with the knowledge I had obtained. Like a lot of us, it took something tragic to happen for me to find out who Christ was, but I believed, and continue to this day. The more I have come to know Him, the more I have come to know about myself. Remember in Matthew 16:16-18, once Peter answered Christ question about who people thought He was, Jesus then responded by letting him (Peter) know who he was (who God created him to be), along with the foundation of (faith) of what He (Christ) would build His church on. I said all that so that whomever may read this, it’s extremely important that you find out WHO YOU ARE! The real you! Who God created you to be! My motto in life is this: “IT WOULD BE A TRAVESTY IF YOU LIVED YOUR WHOLE LIFE AND NEVER BECAME WHO GOD CREATED YOU TO BE.”-MARGO

I believe that the one thing the devil thought would make me never come to Christ, was the one thing that brought me to Him. See I have no doubt that my son fulfilled his purpose in this life, and because of him, I will have everlasting life, and see him again. May God bless those who took the time to read this, and show them who they are.

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