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Rihanna recorded an acoustic version of her singing Diamonds. Absolutely beautiful. I’m reading people saying, it’s not live, honestly who cares…unless you tell me that’s not her voice singing, it doesn’t matter. The woman sang the song. Check it out below. Then if you want to see where she sang this song LIVE just as beautifully check out the video below.

 Rihanna LIVE at the X-Factor

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As if we didn’t already know…lol! Chris Brown confirmed from his own mouth that he is back with his #1 Love, during a Oscars party with Elton John.

“We are really happy. We are back together. She is the most beautiful girl in the world. But I’m sad she couldn’t be here tonight; she is rehearsing for her tour.”-New York Post

“Sometimes you row, you fight, with the one you love and things get said, stuff spirals.
“That night was the deepest regret of my life, the biggest mistake.
“But she loves me – what can I say? I’m forgiven… but, yes, I worked hard for it.”-via Mirror

Sometimes relationships go through things. And some of those things can be the most horrendous things…but where there is an ability to forgive, there is an ability to love again. This is what love is all about. It’s only if someone does not come to this understanding that history repeats itself, and then the pain is 100x’s worse. But for Chris Brown and Rihanna, unlike others, I’m praying that this one works out. #Redemption



Whoa! Let me just keep it real for a minute. I was NOT a Rihanna fan before the Oprah’s Next Chapter Interview. Now don’t get me wrong, there were certain “singles” she had that I had to cop, for instance: Take A Bow, Hard, & Rehab were all worthy of a slot on my Ipod. I really don’t even know why I wasn’t a fan…but it all went away when I seen her talking to Oprah. She was so vulnerable, forthright, and simply: Robyn. From then on, I decided to take a listen to her music…you know on another level. Well copping, Talk That Talk album, caused me to go back and get every last album, since the beginning. I know right…amazing? Then I started to see this barrage of media that invades her every move, and yet she’s not fazed (or is she?). I really believe she isn’t but for this reason…the 24yr old pop superstar, is living life her way. Whatever that means..she has decided that whatever she wants you to know…you don’t have to wait for the paparrazi to catch her slipping…she puts her instagram to work beautifully…lol. Well with her 7th studio album: Unapologetic, which debut at #1 in the US (her first #1 album in the states), I have it on repeat! Yes repeat. It’s as if she gave a road map to her life…and you realize hey she is not so different. A woman, looking for love, desiring passion, a zest for life, and most importantly unwilling to allow anyone else to dictate for her ever again. (She did back in 2009 after the situation with Chris)..but nope not this time..Rihanna is doing things her way..and yes her swag is on a trillion! Check out her performance at the Victoria Secrets Fashion Show, as she performs two songs from her latest album: Diamonds & Fresh Off The Runway. Tell me she doesn’t make you want see more? You better WALK RIRI!
She put the stamp on how swagged out she is with this peformance. I mean she got the models hyped walking out, she touching one…dancing, and the FACE SHE GIVES WHEN SHE WALKS THE RUNWAY…ah well JUSTIN BIEBER face says it all at the end!



It seems that E.V.E. is back on her grind. She has recently begun to release new verses on a few hot joints. Right here she drops a hot 16 on Rihanna’s top charter: Diamonds. Check it out.

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Sometimes for the life of me, I just can’t understand the thought process behind people comments. The Bajan beauty, who is Rihanna, decided to give all the Chririhanna fans a treat, by putting a picture of Chris Brown up on her instagram, lying across a bed with his shirt off, with a caption that read: “Dis nigga….#BartObssessed”…she was talking about his love for Bart Simpson. This is no lie…I decided that as a blogger it would be good to have Rihanna’s tweets pop up as a notification on my phone…well by the time the tweet popped up, and I opened my twitter app, it had already been Retweeted over 1K times..and liked on instagram over 30K times…people this was in a span of 60 seconds.

Now I was about to post the picture on my site, but I decided, hmmm let’s see which blog would be the first to post it, and most importantly what would the headline be…well the first site I seen was Karen Civil, and the headline read: Rihanna put Chris Brown to Sleep, and Karrueche likes it. Very clever I would say. The only reason I was waiting for the headlines was because almost every blog, including urban blogs generally have a headline that caters more toward controversial “hate” toward the the two, rather than showing them love. But hey I get it, headlines equal more clicks…so hey.

After taking the time to read some of the comments and thoughts about the picture on twitter and instagram, it seems to me that people are really waiting for Chris Brown to beat Rihanna “to death” so they can quickly make sure they show her no sympathy! And yet it seems to me all Rihanna wants to do is be able to be out in public with Chris, and avoid the hate.

Rihanna’s 7th studio album, Unapologetic, will probably #1 today on the billboard charts, and the duet with Chris Brown, Nobody’s Business, is rumored to be the next single, and with the anticipation of the video, fans are clamoring for anything suggesting that the two are a couple again…so to me I see Rihanna just being her, and giving them what they want. All they want to do is be able to be together and people not take it personally everywhere they go.

All this blogger wants is for Rihanna and Chris to put the blunts, alcohol, & the “yes” people to the side, and look at each other through sober eyes. Get to know the people that each of them has become and yes talk about what was at the “root” of the situation that led to the tumultous ending in 2009. If they can get to kneow each other (and still be in love) and come to and understanding about what happened, then I’m with them…it’s Nobody’s Business.

The ability to forgive is truly a miracle that takes place by the power of God. I guess that’s why most don’t understand it. Rihanna has so many questjions that’s floating around in her spirit, that it’s hard to decipher between them all. But the one that lies at the forefront is: Can I live not having given this another try? See when you believe something is for you, walking away from it forever is actually the hardest thing you can ever do. And Rihanna and Chris Brown both believe that this relationship is destiny…and until they believe other wise…nothing will keep them apart. So people let them live!!!

Check out Rihanna’s show stopping performance of Diamonds, Live on Xfactor UK.



Rihanna hit up SNL and performed her new joint, Stay, Live. I’m not use to listening to her sing any type of slow songs, so this is different for me. Remember I’m a new fan of Rihanna’s, but I really hope this is not the next single. She also performed Diamonds. Check it out.



Rihanna just released the tracklisting to her 7th studio album: Unapologetic, which is due out 11/19. The 24yr. old Bajan singer has enlisted the help of Eminem, Future, Mikky Ekko, & the one and only Chris Brown. Yep, Chris Brown teams up with RiRi for her song: Nobody Business. Let me say this, DefJam already is marketing a boxset for this album at the price of $250 that includes a slew of goodies personalized by the singer, which I look at is geared toward her devoted “Navy” cause for the fan like myself(uh $12.99 bout the most you will get lol) they better not mess this up. If there is NOT a video for the joint with Chris Brown, having him on the album is almost a waste. I can’t wait to hear it.

Also don’t you love that Rihanna is simply bold & straightforward now. She truly is exemplifying the Unapologetic mantra. This album will probably give us the true understanding of who Robyn Fenty is, which makes it a must have. 

Check out the tracklisting, and check out the first official single, Diamonds.

Buy: Rihanna-Diamonds
Buy: Rihanna-Uapologetic (Deluxe)

If you think who a celebrity dates does not weigh heavily on their fans, you are crazy. Whether good/bad, the fans are generally 100% invested, & will memorialize the relationship in some way. Youtube is generally the way it’s done today. Check out this latest video uploaded by Diinaba



With so much going on in her life in the past few weeks, Rihanna decided to give her fans a treat: She previewed her album artwork for her 7th studio album. The first single, Diamonds was ushered in on the first day with being #1 in 13 different countries on Itunes, followed by becoming #1 on Billboards R/B & Hip Hop chart. She also asked the “Navi”(her loyal fan base) to find the album title within the “AllBlackEverything” on the cover, which revealed the title of the album to be: SideEffects. But in my opinion I love UnApologetic better. Afterwards though she tweeted that she will be making an announcement for the official album title. Check out the artwork…Rihanna better work!!!

Update: She let it be known that Unapologetic is the official name of the album and is dropping on 11/19. Now tell me that title doesn’t encompass all of who and what RiRi is?

 You gotta love Ri! Haters keep talking, while she keep stalking the charts. I swear the more people hate on her she gains another million followers on twitter…lol. Not too mention she leads the nominations for the American Music Awards, along with Nicki Minaj.

Buy: Rihanna-Diamonds 



So the past couple of months have been crazy for Rihanna, & yet I believe burden lifting all in the same breath. Back in August she had, what I believe to be her most candid interview to date. Rihanna gave Oprah an exclusive interview from her home country, Barbados, and the Bahan beauty was open & as honest as she could be with whatever question she was asked.

We all know the ’09 situation, so we can fast forward to 8/19 when the interview with Oprah aired, and we all sat with baited breath wondering what she would say to us concerning her friend, Chris Brown. We would get to hear from her own mouth what the state of their relationship is (to the degree that she wanted us to know), and we get an inside look at who she is, and what she dealt with in the aftermath of the situation, etc. Rihanna gave us all of that. On that day she let it be known that, yes she had seen Chris & talked to him, (they have been working to rebuild their friendship), that she absolutely believes he is (not was) the love of her life, and that yes she still loves him (and that they probably will always love each other). Every since that day, I believe the paparrazi (as if she needed to add any fuel to have them chasing her down anyway) went to hyper gear. Every move she made, pictures began to surface, & right behind it would be some picture of Chris either in the same city, or same venue as Rihanna. I don’t have to bore you with the fact that it was well known that Chris had a “girlfriend” and yet everytime he popped on a blog it had something to do with Rihanna. So with everyone talking about how sorry they feel for Karruche because of the way Chris broke up with her, I’m going to give my Rihanna perspective.

If you haven’t noticed the tweets have slowed down, the subliminal messages through instagram, even the photo likes on there…why is that? Because we all know that Rihanna has come to a stage in her life where she wants everyone to believe (even to convince herself) that she really doesn’t give two cents about what anyone thinks. We know that at anytime she could simply pick up her phone & text Chris any message she wanted to send him, but the connection she has built with her Navy (what she adoringly calls her fans-RihannaNavy), she keeps it absolutely as real as she can with them about what she dealing with from day to day, good or bad.

Well last week things with Chris (as we the public were allowed to see..cause I am totally convinced that for the most part we only see what a superstar of this caliber allows us to see) heated up. It heated up to such a degree, that the r/b superstar sent out a press release stating that he & his “girlfriend” of over a year were broken up, stating his friendship with Rihanna as the reason. Now I can only imagine how Kae must have felt, but honestly I have no real pity for her concerning this situation, except that Chris really didn’t have to do it like that without letting her know first. Because her twitter reaction leads you to believe that she really didn’t know that he was breaking up with her. Yet if she didn’t know through the subliminal tweets, the 2 remixes should have been enough to have her pack up her bags, and the embrace at the VMA’s should have said, bye bye baby. But as everyone began to throw the pity party for her, I could only imagine what Rihanna was thinking (while she was over in Baku performing) hearing these words: “Is it possible to love 2 people!” See I know you are like what’s wrong with that, but If Im Rihanna, I flash back to the 2 1/2 yrs were were together before the incident, the friendship we built the love that still lingers, and yet you equate her with me when you make the statement of love? You say I’m (Rihanna) the person you have History with, but you fell IN love with her? This leaves Rihanna in a weird predicament.

See, I look at like this, what Chris & Rihanna had prior to the incident, was a strong foundation that they built up, & perceived that nothing could ever break/crack that foundation. But a bomb dropped, and although I feel as if people should have allowed them to sift through the rubble together to determine where they go from there…people of influence came out with their weapons drawn, & not only threatened Chris, but Rihanna as well. And for over 3yrs they have tried to just get past it. Chris got a “girlfriend” Rihanna dated Matt Kemp (no I don’t include Drake at all)..but in the end, they were both hoping that maybe one day they could find their way back to each other. If you didn’t know that video Chris dropped, was well thought out, honestly I believe Rihanna of course knew they were filming (by her flipping the bird toward the RiRi). Yet, with everyone saying “they are back together” I’m just not so sure that’s correct.

It was reported that Chris & Karruche were both at a party thrown by Christina Milian, who is friends with Chris’s ex Kae, only a couple of days after the split. Coincidently, Rihanna was in Baku. Now no one knows what that was all about, I mean I’m sure they were invited before the breakup…but if Chris & Rihanna were an item, do you think she would be good, knowing that Chris just let the world know that he loved this woman as well, & with raw feelings is now in the same room with her amongst friends, & Rihanna is 1000’s of miles away? Not sure you will ever see her get disrespected, & there be no backlash, simply because she has laid it all out on the line for Chris. It’s his choice. Rihanna has made her choice publicly known, Chris however said alot without saying anything.

Rihanna your predicament, being cast as the “thirsty” one, the one who “broke” up Chris’s relationship, & any other evil they speaking against you, will only last as long as you allow it. It’s time for Mr. Brown to put his big boy draws on, & just make his true declaration…either he in or he out. Either way, with her daily devotion (Joyce Meyers), she just keep getting stronger daily. No matter what happens with the relationship however, Rihanna did the right thing by forgiving him. People just don’t understand the power of forgiveness. You can’t go through life holding grudges & reliving past will literally kill you.

Yet I do find it funny that she has pretty much “paused” on the all the public adoration she has for Chris…let’s see where this leads her. I pray it’s nothing but happiness from this point forward..and starting with a #1 single, for your new album, is definitely the way to go.

Buy: Rihanna-Diamonds

Download: Rihanna feat. Chris Brown-Birthday Cake (Remix)
Download: Chris Brown feat. Rihanna-Turn Up The Music (Remix)



Rihanna just dropped her new single, Diamonds, to a “virtual” standing ovation from the world. The hot new jam debuted this morning, and it has set twitter on fire as a trending topic.

The song was written by Sia Furlur, and produced by Stargate & Benny Blanco. Let’s make one thing clear, the song is another #1 hit for the Bajan beauty. So take a bow RiRi…you have done it again.

The singer has also announced her 7th world tour that will begin in March 2013 in Buffalo NY.

Below are confirmed dates for the “Rihanna Diamonds World Tour”:
3/8 – Buffalo, NY – First Niagara Center
3/10 – Boston, MA – TD Garden
3/12 – Baltimore, MD – 1st Mariner Arena
3/14 – Philadelphia, PA – Wells Fargo Center
3/15 – Hartford, CT – XL Center
3/17 – Montreal, QC – Bell Centre
3/18 – Toronto, ON – Air Canada Centre
3/21 – Detroit, MI – Joe Louis Arena
3/22 – Chicago, IL – United Center
3/24 – St. Paul, MN – Xcel Energy Center
3/25 – Winnipeg, MB – MTS Centre
3/27 – Edmonton, AB – Rexall Place
3/30 – Calgary, AB – Scotiabank Saddledome
4/1 – Vancouver, BC – Rogers Arena
4/3 – Seattle, WA – Key Arena
4/6 – San Jose, CA – HP Pavilion
4/8 – Los Angeles, CA – Staples Center
4/11 – San Diego, CA – Valley View Casino Center
4/12 – Las Vegas, NV – Mandalay Bay
4/15 – Houston, TX – Toyota Center
4/16 – Dallas, TX – American Airlines Center
4/19 – Tampa, FL – Tampa Bay Times Forum
4/20 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL – BankAtlantic Center
4/22 – Atlanta, GA – Philips Arena
4/29 – Washington, D.C – Verizon Center
5/2 – Ottawa, ON – Scotiabank Place
5/4 – Brooklyn, NY – Barclays Center

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