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Trey Songz dropped his visual for his latest single, Dive In, and it did not disappoint. See this is what I’m talking about, a video that has suspense, sexiness, intrigue, & easy to follow the story line. I loved it because I didn’t have to follow a ton of symbolism, & attempt to understand what in the world was going on. Thank You Trey…lol. The video is definitely stamped with a to be continued sign on it…check it out.

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Yes! Trey Songz has dropped the video for his new single, Simply Amazing. Now this joint, along with Heart Attack & Dive In, will be the reason I purchase the new album, Chapter V. Enjoy!

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Trey Songz has already unveiled the artwork and tracklisting for his upcoming album: Chapter V, and now songs have begun to go viral. As for me, I’m just hoping for a “Ready” type album, or an Anticipation type joint. Take a listen to a few of the tracks, and tell me if you are looking forward to copping the new joint?!

Simply Amazing displays the depth of lyrics that I love to hear Trey sing.

Dive In simply puts you to bed …lol. I love this song…reminds me of that old Trey with joints like Grub On, or Scratching Me Up. This joint was produced by none other than Troy Taylor, he and Trey have great studio chemistry! Enjoy…and be sure to pre-order Chapter V by clicking the link below.

Pre-Order-Trey Songz-Chapter V

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