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So Jordan Farmar Wants To Be A Starter?

Laker fans this just in- Jordan Farmar wants to be a starter, whether as a Laker or for another team. Well then Jordan it seems fairly simple to me, “take Fisher’s spot”. It’s no secret that Derek Fisher (who is 35yrs old) has no problem taking a back seat to Jordan or Shannon, as long as the team continues to win. He was more than ready last season for Jordan to take the reigns, but unfortunately Jordan was injured, forcing Fisher to play extended minutes. As Laker fans we all know the potential that Farmar has, but the problem has been consistency. He has averaged around 18minutes a game since he has been in the league, and though the intelligence for the game is there, consistency on defense as well as offense has not added up the way the Lakers or Phil Jackson would like in order to play him extended minutes in lieu of the aging Fisher.

I’ve talked to Mitch a bunch of times and he says he’s got a ton of offers and didn’t consider trading me. It’s just you have to entertain all the offers you get. Since I haven’t got traded, it means they want me here.”

“Derek’s had a great run. He’s probably going to be the guy starting off. I just want to continue to push him.”

But what I need for Jordan to understand, and take very seriously is who is pushing him: SHANNON BROWN! Matter of fact that may be the other way around. Jordan must understand that “tenure” does not automatically mean that you are next in line. Shannon Brown came onto this team just being “greatful” to be here. His whole perspective of being on this Laker team is whatever they want me to do, I’ll do it. His big smile, and eagerness to please has already stapled him in my heart as one of our best role players. Attitude takes you a long way, and we all have watched Jordan sulk and pout when his playing time was not what he desired it to be, but you have to be deserving of the time Phil Jackson gives. All I’m saying is Jordan while you have already pegged yourself as the obvious choice for the next point guard of this star-studded roster, don’t look over your shoulder, rather look to the right of you-standing there is 6’4 211lbs of defense/offensive muscle athletic and most of all “happy to be here”. His name is Shannon Brown.


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Hello Lakernation. Wow Game 7 with the Rockets, and now a nail-biter with the Denver Nuggets in the Western Conference Finals, which had me wiping my brow after the victory. Today I want to just express a few thoughts about a couple of things. First I will explore how the Rocket series really helped us to win a game like last night, and then talk about why we ALL should be happy we have Derek Fisher on this team, and why it may be time to let Sasha go!

I would never want to admit that I WANTED the Lakers to go to seven games with the Rockets, but nonetheless having to fight our own “demons” in this battle is truly part of why we were able to win last night. After all the defensive lapses we had during that 7game series, made us understand that against this Denver Nugget team, we would never get away with it. In the first quarter when we were down by 8, then by 13 i seen a different Laker team. I noticed that Phil called a timeout before it got out of hand, and that the guys would make a basket when it was needed most. 2 games ago, that lead would have ended up being 20 before the end of the first half, but though we were severely outplayed offensively, we never lost our hunger to take the lead! Which gets me to my next point:

Derek Fisher, wow he just continues to hit those TIMELY shots for the LAKERS. This man is having the worst offensive output he has had in the playoffs in years, but when we needed him the most, he came through, not once, but twice. The 3pointers he hit were at crucial parts of the game. His defense was not spectacular, but he did not get beat like he stole something either. But we can never understand the LEADERSHIP that Derek brings to this team, and that is priceless. We must understand that he is getting older, so their will be some deficiencies in athleticism, but skill only gets better. He also took a charge, to stop a run that Denver was on, so I do value having him on this team. We must remember that it’s all about matchups, and even Jordan had some difficulty stopping Brooks one on one. But against Billups we need Derek’s big body to bang against Chauncey. So it should be a better outting for him.

Now Sasha Vujacic…shaking my head! I have been waiting on him to come out of this “slump” since he started the season. We all know he was hurt at the beginning of the season, but we are now 7gms away from a championship & that shot is still not falling. Sasha was hired for one reason, to hit 3’s, so how valuable is he, when not hitting them? I must admit I love how fiesty he is on defense at times, but I am just as upset with some of the uncalled for fouls, because of how EMOTIONAL he can be on the court. Yet, he was hired for ONE main component of his game, and since that has been missing for an ENTIRE season is it time to package him up, & make a trade? Does he have any trade value? Well one thing is for sure, at anytime during these playoffs he could go off, and we will have to wait and see. But right now he gets my “smush parker” award. Hope he comes and plays the way I know he is capable of. So right now we are simply FISHING FOR VUJACIC! ANYONE GOT ANY GOOD BAIT?

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The 2008-2009 Lakers

The way I see this upcoming season is another winner. Those close games we lost last season will be won by the Lakers. Having Andrew Bynum back in this line up, period, will CHANGE the way the Lakers play defense, and it will make them Boston-Like. Acutally with that interior defense bulking up…the guards defense will not look so vulnerable…until foul trouble comes into play.
But there is NO doubt that as long Ariza is healthy that he can be a viable back up at the SF position on both ends of the floor. For a 2nd rd pick, (43rd) overall, we have a “gem” in this guy. He has to just make that jumper consistently…and for the most part, for the time he got after coming back in WCF, it (the jumper) looks a lot better. To me that makes Walton very expendable.
I am definitely for the trade of Odom for Artest, and at the same time, if NOTHING happens I won’t be disappointed, mainly because, when Lamar does not have to BECOME a scorer…meaning when he can just go out and play his game…doing the intangibles, he is at his best. When Pau Gasol was having good scoring games, Lamar was close to triple doubles in those game, but if Pau struggles that put Lamar back into that position of Robin to Batman, and he struggles there. That should NOT be considered a weakness, because every player can’t be KOBE (the ability to adjust on the fly and be great)…lol. However for the money he makes…we need every FACET of his game to be successful.
Farmar has GOT to bulk up some more. He is getting pounded by the likes of Williams and Paul, and though Fisher is still a decent defender, he has to keep that jumper on point. We also have to have a pg who can deliver on point lobs into the lane, because I see a lot of dunks next season. If you go back and look at that youtube video I posted (incredible bynum) there was a dunk on there that bynum arm (the middle of his forearm) was above the rim, CRAZY! So someone besides Kobe has to continue to toss that thing up there.
Kobe, nuff said!

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