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So So Def’s Princess of R/B, Dondria, treated the people at Centennial Park in Atlanta Georgia, by covering Janet Jackson’s “I Get So Lonely!” Whew this woman is now 25, and she just continues to get better (which is amazing). Dondria sang with the @630 Band, and she made sure to put her own spin on it. She is currently putting the finishing touches on her sophmore album, which she has said will be on a more mature level. She is 25, not 19 anymore, and she’s ready to relay the messages in her songs that she has experienced since dropping her debut album, Dondria vs Phatfffat. Well one thing is for sure, Phatfffat is gone, welcome to the stage: DONDRIA!

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People always remember there IS POWER in prayer! It’s even more powerful when a group of believers join together to pray to thwart the plan of the enemy! Before everyone forgets, and minus the ones who are waiting to say R.I.P. we have a young man name Kile Glover that has been given up on by every medical professional in the land. His mother/father/step-father are pressured on every side of what to do. All the $ in the world can’t make the situation change…BUT THERE IS ONE, who can turn it all around! Jesus!

As a mother who endured this exact same situation when my 4-yr old swallowed a ball, and died on the way to the hospital…but revived…then declared brain dead…I know all that this family is enduring, will endure..but I am assured of ONE THING, that GOD IS ABLE! So just as David prayed for his own child, until God’s decision was made, let’s join together believing For full restoration for Kile!

Know that God did not do this to Kile! Yet HE through His infinite wisdom knows how to handle it! He is not caught off guard by the circumstances, but know that what WE DO NEXT has impact in what HE does next! Jesus once told the people of Nazareth that because of there little faith not many miracles could be done in there city, do He left! When the Healer walk out then all hope is gone. Well the Healer is here! SPEAK LIFE FOR KILE! I pray that his parents don’t ALLOW ANYONE in hs room that speaks/believe anything opposite of LIFE!
Let us pray G14Nation!

Our great and merciful FATHER WHO ART IN HEAVEN, we need you NOW! We as a community of believers cast our care upon You. Our care today is not anything concerning ourselves dear Lord, but that of young Kile Glover! The doctors have given a bad report, we know it’s bad because in it they leave No hope for YOU TO MOVE MIRACULOUSLY. But FATHER we decree and declare by the power of the blood of Jesus that Kile is HEALED & WHOLE!
Father we know whether here with us, or home with You, we decree he is in NO PAIN! We also decree and declare PEACE for his parents! That they are thanking you even this day for blessing them with this wonderful gift that is Kile!
Know Father that we know of the miracles you performed of old, and even the one you performed for me, in that hospital 15yrs ago…so I call forth the angels of God to surround Kile NOW! Let the healing show forth now! Let the Parents testify of Your goodness! And Know that we surely will!
HALLEJUIA! In Jesus Name we pray…and let us all say together…AMEN!




LadyVolNation…stand up!! Yea I know you may be a little “stunned” right now..but shake it off. This loss was bound to “come” based on the way our offense has played in the past 2 games versus Florida and Vanderbilt. Yet, even though no one wants to think about it…our defense was great, until they got the wide open lay-up to go ahead. Now I could go into how the refs allowed Robinson, and Phillips to come over the back on Glory Johnson ALL NIGHT long, but I won’t. Where I will go, is to our point guard position, where Shekinna Stricklen continues to “struggle” when she is not playing at home. I am not blaming all the poor play on Shekinna, but in the game of basketball, as your point guard play goes, so does the team. Remember the point guard “leads” the team, and is a pressure filled position. In the past 3 games here are Shekinna’s numbers combined: She shot 12-30fg, 30pts/12rbs/9asst/and are you ready for this..19 turn overs! I know you looking at those numbers and saying that’s not “bad”..(not the turn overs) but in almost 120 minutes of play those numbers are not going to get it. Watching Shekinna in the past 3 games has been “hard” on this fan. I don’t know if she is hurting or what? She looks a “step” slow, and at times just not into the game. The steals that Georgia, Vandy, and Florida got on her were just too easy. I’m not going to make excuses, all I know is the Shekinna that’s out there playing, is not the Shekinna who got the triple double a few games before these three. Can someone wake up the SEC player of the week please. The 2 man game between her and Bjorklund is keyed on by the opponents defense, so they must find another way to bring Angie off the screen. She has not done much better. Her numbers for the past 3 games 9-32fg, 25pts/3asst…uh not going to get it done. I bring these two up, because they are our leading scorers, and they both dominate the ball the majority of the time. During this game I watched them dump the ball to Glory Johnson 3 times in a row, and each time she scored, so please tell me why they went away from that?
Then Kelly just simply lost her cool. A combination of playing in her “hometown” and then the refs letting them “bang” on one end and not the other. Not to mention, why are the refs so sensitive? This was a big game, give the kids a little bit of lee way. Oh and by the way, that was NOT a foul, thank goodness for DVR. Yet I digress on that point, because as tight as the game was, and in spite of the Ladyvols only getting 7 foul shots, compared to ladybulldogs 23 attempts, they were still able to keep it close. It always trips me out when people say don’t blame the refs, but did you notice that Georgia was not scoring “inside” yet they got 23 foul shot attempts? And the ladyvols, who were working inside all night, only managed to get 7, and those came in the second half? Hey I’m just saying…don’t act like the refs don’t impact the game.
Now enter in off the bench, freshman guard Kamiko Williams, and I will honestly say, she is the X factor for this ladyvols team. As Shekinna stats has dwindled to obscurity, Kamiko has begin to show her poise on the floor. If you haven’t noticed, Kamiko is on the floor at the end of games now, which says that Pat trusts her on the floor at critical times. If you want to see Shekinna Stricklen “flourish” on the floor…put her out there with Williams on the floor. Kamiko reminds me of WNBA champion, and former UNC guard, Nikki Teasley. She is 5’11 with great court vision. Some of the passes she makes are Magic esque. She also has no problem getting the ball into the post, and can break down even the quickest of defenders.
I really don’t think it will be long before the LadyVols starting lineup looks like this: PG-Williams SG-Bjorklund SF-Stricklen PF-Johnson C-Cain…Stricklen can take ANY forward off the dribble, and she don’t have to worry about setting up the offense. Sometimes you can’t MAKE someone into something, and I know Pat want’s Shekinna to “embrace” it and flow consistently in it, but she is truly having trouble, let’s not make this hard. Put her where she can flow effortlessly in her game. And that bench has Spani, Brewer,Bass,Smallbone,Manning..which is sufficient. Every player is not designed to be the “franchise” player, for example Tony Romo (when the pressure is on, he continues to show inconsistency)…but then you have someone who is fearless, who wants the responsibilty of being the franchise player (go to) Glory Johnson. Angie Bjorklund can be…but she doesn’t have that “killer instinct”…one thing is for sure, someone has to step up, and become that go to player…uh Angie come get the ball!
FYI: I’M THE BIGGEST LADY VOLS FAN..AND KINNA IF YOU READ THIS, MAKE A LIAR OUT OF ME! I want another triple double, heck I’ll take a double double…just play your game. LadyVols 4 life. THE ROAD TO REDEMPTION CONTINUES

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