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Okay, let me start this post off by APOLOGIZING for the earlier post that I placed here. I received a song called Baby Maker and was told that it was by this extremely talented quartet. But I was informed….it wasn’t. So now that I have that out of the way, check out Gotham Citi’s first official single: I Want You. The song was produced by none other than Bryan-Michael Cox & JQue. B Cox is starting his brand new label: December First Music Group off right!



Bryan Michael Cox drops a new joint from his his group, Gotham Citi, called: I Want You. The song was produced by BCox & J. Que Smith. Wow, the song is definitely on point..and finally we may have a male r/b group that’s ready to take this world by storm again. Be sure to keep your eyes/ears out for these guys as they are gearing up to release a brand new EP. Check it out.



Yes! Finally a fresh new male r/b group. Bryan Michael Cox, along with J. Que Smith introduces us to Gotham Citi. A young fresh new quartet from New York who has all the tools to bring us that 90’s feel with a modern take of r/b. With super-producer B Cox at the helm there is no doubt that we are about to embark on some of the best pure r/b, and this time it will come from the mouths of Jonathan, Dijuan, Clif and CJ. Check out there new joint, Official. Be sure to download!

“Jonathan, Dijuan, Clif and CJ are all driven by a strong desire to take R & B back to its roots while infusing it with what’s relevant today in music, combining a soulful quality with street edge and a hint of pop.”-Source

Check out some behind scenes footage of the super-producer composing the music for Gotham Citi’s track, Official.

Be sure to visit Bryan-Michael Cox’s site, FirstOfDecember.

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