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So So Def recording artist Dondria, told her “Friendfffans” as she affectiontely calls her fans, that Phatfffat Friday was returning, and today she gave them a treat! I can only explain it this-One word: GIFTED. Dondria is so talented that you could never put a “cap” on how far she can go in this industry. Every song I have heard her sing, she simply makes it her own. I’m almost tempted to say she needs to do a complete album singing acapella…lol. I love that she always show love to those 100K plus youtube subcribers who have been down with her since the beginning. Anyway check out the R/B songstress as she totally and utterly makes me fall in love with her version of Frank Oceans & Bridget Kelly’s, Thinking About Forever. Okay they took the youtube video down, but you can listen right here!



Da Brat is gearing up for the release of her brand new mixtape: LIFE AFTER DEATH. She coming back in the game strong..and repping So So Def like she never left. I love this joint.

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Kelly Cain Optimistic About Progress (via

Kelley Cain hasn’t charged headlong back onto the Pratt Pavilion court.
After two seasons worth of multiple knee surgeries and multiple concussions, the Tennessee women’s basketball center is proceeding through individual workouts at a more practical pace.
“The confidence is coming back day by day,” the 6-foot-6 redshirt sophomore said. “I’m not rushing into anything.”
Cain had surgical screws removed from her right knee in early April. She said that her summer work was confined primarily to “rehab, rehab, rehab, rehab.” She was able to do some cardiovascular work but didn’t start running until the beginning of school.
She reports her knee, on which she had surgery to correct patella subluxation in December of 2007, is doing much better.
“It’s working,” Cain said. “Every now and then I might have pain but it’s not as bad as it used to be.”
As for the latest concussion, it occurred in a non-basketball-related incident a few weeks ago. Nobody has offered any specifics. Cain is back to being fully engaged in the on-court work, which progresses to weekly full-team workouts Thursday.
Until the start of official practice next month, Cain intends to concentrate on her conditioning, not her medical history.
“I’m looking at the positive side of everything,” she said.
Sizing Up Spani: Taber Spani’s career scoring and rebounding totals from high school stack up pretty well nationally.
The UT freshman, who was home-schooled and played for Metro Academy in Olathe, Kan., is the only girls’ player to be ranked in the top 10 for scoring (4,113 points, seventh) and rebounding (1,758, ninth).
Notebook: Texas Tech freshman post player Shauntal Nobles is out for the season after suffering a torn Achilles tendon. UT plays Tech on Nov. 17 in San Antonio. … Recruits Lauren Avant and Meighan Simmons are scheduled to visit the weekend of Oct. 2. Avant already is verbally committed to UT … ESPN football analyst Todd Blackledge visited individual workouts Thursday to see Spani. Blackledge played with Spani’s father, Gary, with the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs 1983-87.

writer Dan Fleisher

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LadyVolNation Introducing UT LadyVol: Kelly Cain (The Anchor)

LadyVolNation stand up! Introducing to you “The Anchor” Kelly Cain, 6’6 of block party! Wow where do I start…how about with a look of disgust at the end of the game versus ballstate! Now I don’t want to bring up “bad experiences” (believe me) but there was a look on Kelly’s face that said it all. She only played 14 minutes in that game, I’m guessing it was her knee, because I don’t remember her having any fouls. Now bear with me, cause I know we don’t want to keep reliving that game…but as the teams lined up to shake hands, one active player was on the bench: Kelly Cain now check out the look on her face.

Now people can interpret things all type of ways, but if I could put a bubble over her head (it would say: What just happened? Then switch to-This will NEVER happen again on my watch)! First off let’s make sure that everyone knows that Kelly nor Vicki were acting like “poor” sports or anything because they were sitting on the bench…it’s just when you are playing for the #1 women basketball school in the history of the NCAA, coming off of back to back championships…we don’t make history like this!

I said that to say this…I watched Kelly score baskets with the greatest of ease when she is on the block. She knows how to use frame to carve out space under the basket, rendering her opponent helpless. With her height all the guards have to do is throw it at the rim, she has very soft hands around the basket. I got a feeling it’s going to be “hack a Cain” this season, cause she will be pinning opponents under the basket and powering up…uhhh who is going to stop her? Oh so Kelly if you reading this free throw practice this offseason cause you will live at the line. Cause they will either foul or get scored on.

One other thing I would like to point out is, I hope she plays “The Anchor” aggressively this season. I truly want guards to be scared to death to come into the paint with Kelly standing right there. Whoever tries it, will have their shot mailed back to their home state. There is nothing worse than seeing your “family” struggling, fighting, and not be able to do anything about it. But guess what Kelly had the screws that were in her knee taken out…and when she steps back onto the court, she will be ready to play her first full season for the LadyVols, and we can have her for 2 more years to wreak havoc on the SEC and the NCAA wearing the Orange baby! Being THE ANCHOR!
Side note: We are praying earnestly that Kelly does not get another concussion. By my count she has suffered at least 3 since being at UT. These have occured at different times during her UT career! Family that PRAYS together STAYS together! LadyVolNation stand up!

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