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Merry Christmas! The Los Angeles Lakers were center stage today, as they generally are on Christmas, this time battling the #1 team in the east, New York Knicks. After a dismal start to the season, the Lakers defeated the Knicks today, 100-94, yet as good as the game was what happened half way through the 1st QTR that dominated twitter! Chris Brown entered the Staples Center with Rihanna!

Yes! While the Lakers are the main attraction, Chrihanna (what there fans call the couple) took the spotlight! Now I know we can read so much into this, but for there first public appearance together, what better place than a Lakers game on Christmas Day, court side at the end of the Lakers bench!

They seem to actually be enjoying the game, and not phased by the attention at all! Rihanna was sporting the necklace Chris gave her over a month ago that she wore to her launch of her new fragrance Nude.

Why is this even news at this point? Well earlier this Christmas morning, Chris ex Kaerucche, decided to put a picture up on Instagram wearing nothing but a “Chris Brown Bathing Ape” T-shirt while sitting on the side of the bed. But as soon as the news hit that Rihanna & Chris were entering Staples Center, the picture was gone!

So as we all was waiting on Rihanna’s response to the pic via her own Instagram, she decided to allow the media to do it for her by entering the most watched game on Christmas Day! Boom!

Now does this mean they are an official couple? Who knows with these two! But I see Chris face is no longer hidden when he is with Rihanna. And the PDA was on full display. Is it for publicity? Honestly I say yes & no! Yes because they want to control what the public get to see vs the widespread stories of the media! And no because I believe they just want to be together and it be Nobody’s Business! I mean that can’t have beef when they know that video will be the most watched on YouTube for years lol. Can you imagine if they had put those 2 on kiss cam? SMH..pandemonium!

In other news doesn’t this kid look like he can belong to rapper The Game? Lol! Glad to see them take the time to take the pic with the kid either way.

Now watch as they leave 3 minutes before the end of the game, that was far from decided! So yep…they came, they conquered, & they upstaged the Lakers! Well except for the real fans like me! I was focused on the Lakers keeping the win streak alive.

She bad!!! The Laker sideline reporters kept speaking about how Ri had little boys going into puberty just looking at! She bad!! Man just let them live! They know the consequences of there actions, and if they willing to endure them, so be it!



“I’m always focused on improving my game, to perform at my best. I want my shoes to mimic the speed of my game,” Kobe said. “By shaving fractions off the height and weight, it allows me to play faster with more control so I can maneuver across the court – I want to feel like I’m moving at the speed of light.”-Kobe Bryant

Now I don’t usually post sneakers on this site, but being that I am a huge Laker fan, therefore Kobe fan…I have to have these. I have the original Kobe’s of this brand, and I can’t wait to get my feet in these. I mean 9.6 ounces? You won’t be able to tell you have the shoes on! The retail price is about $140 for men sizes 7.5 and up..but lucky for me, I’ll be able to get the kids size…hahaha.



Los Angeles Lakers center, Dwight Howard, sat down with Espn’s Ric Bucher for Sunday Conversation. Dwight speaks on his time in Orlando, what his biggest fear was, and what he thinks about being a part of the Lakers organization. Check it out.



 Today the Los Angeles officially hit a home run in free agency. The 16-time NBA champions acquired 2 time MVP point guard, Steve Nash. After being bounced in the 2nd round of the playoffs 2 yrs in a row, the storied franchise knew they had to make a move. With all of the Dwight Howard rumors swirling about, the Lakers took a chance by calling their Western Conference rival, Phoenix Suns to see of Nash was available, and the rest is history. Kobe Bryant will get to play with a high powered point guard for the first time in his career, and honestly I think the Lakers just bought him another 3yrs of a career, possibly hanging it up after 20yrs of service, and at least 6 NBA championships.

Check out the introductory video that Silo360 created.



Words cannot explain how seeing Derek Fisher go, for the second time, hurts more than the first time. I remember back in 2005 when he left to go to Golden State, I was cool with it simply because he left on his own. So when I would see him in that Warriors uniform, I could just root against him (when he played against the Lakers). I felt justified. This time it was an organizational decision.

One of the greatest basketball leaders ever to play the game. The big shot maker, momentum changer, and most important, the AMBASSADOR to Kobe Bryant’s conscience. Kobe openly admitted that Derek Fisher was the one person in the locker room that could tell him when he was messing up. For as great as Kobe is, for him to say that, says so much about who Derek Fisher is. Now because of obvious reasons, he is no longer a Laker.

Don’t get it twisted, I’m so excited to see what Ramon Sessions can give to this organization, along with Jordan Hill, I just didn’t want it to be at the expense of the one stable fixture you have in the locker room. I mean I would have rather seen Steve Blake go (he was already rumored to be leaving in a 3-team trade involving Minnesota/Portland). Now that’s not to say that I don’t like having Steve Blake on the team, but if there had to be an odd man out, I just never thought it would be Fish. With Darius Morris still developing, and now Sessions, just seemed Fish would definitely have been needed more. The question though, is would the “bulldog” have accepted very limited minutes off the bench? Honestly I’m not sure about that. But one thing is certain, if Houston buys him out, I don’t want to be staring at him in the playoffs with the game on the line, and across his chest it says (I’m not a Laker: insert new team)…bye bye Lakers…I play for a new team now. smh

This will always be the greatest shot of his life..for me as a Laker fan.

But now that we have to move on, who is Ramon Sessions. Well check out the point guard who will be asked to fill some very large shoes. I really do say a prayer for the young man, because it’s not simply about performing on the court, with Fisher gone…he now has to show Kobe Bryant, that he deserves to be beside him on the court..smh…LORD HELP MY TEAM.

HaHa and I’m so happy for the big Spainard, Pau Gasol, who was not traded at the deadline. Check out his response once the trade dealine passed.



The Lakers and Heat met up yesterday at the Staples Center for there 2nd of 2 matchups for the season. This time the outcome was very different. The Lakers who have only lost 2 games at home, made sure to keep it that way. The Miami Heat, who were without Chris Bosh, because of a death in his family, came into Staples after losing by 1 to the Utah Jazz. Where most criticized James again, for not being willing to take the last shot in the game, instead opting to pass to teammate Udonis Haslem.

Okay so first let me just say this, people get over it! Lebron James does not, and may not ever develop the killer instinct of Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant. Just allow him to be the new era Oscar Robertson of the league. We have never witnessed a specimen of his type when it comes to an ALL AROUND GAME. Now don’t get this twisted for me becoming a Lebron James fan, uh uh..won’t happen. LOL

Now, with that being said, shout out to Metta World Peace aka the artist formerly known as Ron Artest, who from the tip, had his sites set on making LJ work for every shot, point, assist he made. If you were paying attention, you would have seen that MWP has dropped some significant amount of weight since the beginning of the season, and his body finally looks toned, chisled, and ready to do work. It’s also evident by the fact that he has had 3 dunks in the past 3 games. To me he was the difference in this game. His stat line read, 17pts/4steals (the numbers that matter most to me). Check out what Ron said during a post game interview with NBA TV, as he made the Lakers Big 3, the big 4!

I could go on to talk about the great play of Andrew Bynum as well, but at this point, people should really be getting over this trade Bynum for Howard thing. It’s one thing that I can’t stand, is panting over a guy who does not want to be on your team. Howard is so afraid of the continual comparisons to Shaq, that he is willing to forfeit his possibility of becoming a champion right now, by playing with the best player in the world, Kobe Bryant. So if Brooklyn is where he wants to be, then so be it. We will see him in the finals, and take his candy one more time.



The start of the 54th annual Grammy Awards pre shows started with one of the saddest moments in music history, when the legend, icon, Whitney Houston was found dead in her hotel room. The Clive Davis annual pre-grammy show still went on, and here are a few pictures from inside the gala. The one that sticks out is of Brandy, this was her birthday, and it will also be the day that the woman she looked up to in the industry, passed away. Man this is still just hard to even fathom.

The picture of Vanessa Bryant (Kobe’s ex-wife) along with Monica speaks volumes to me. Just seeing these two together, let’s me know that Vanessa has a very good friend in her ear, when it comes to love, strength, and God.

 Glady’s Knight and Berry Gordy attended the event. Legends in the game.

 Jennifer Hudson is slated to do a tribute to her idol, Whitney Houston at the Grammy’s. A breakdown is sure to come during this performance.

 Ah just seeing these two together puts a smile on my face. Berry want that ol thang

 Ms. Ciara was in the building sporting blonde hair, and a beautiful smile.

SOURCE FOR PICS…pic sources: Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images North America &  Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images North America



Okay I don’t know how much I would allow this to be mulled over, but Eric Pincus of HOOPSWORLD has a “theory” that leads him to possibly believe that the Celtics & Lakers are talking about a possible trade that would land Rajon Rondo in LA, and Pau Gasol in Boston.

Now although I really won’t hold my breath to see this happen, BUT let’s explore it anyway. With David Stern flexing his muscle against the Lakers and nixing the possible trade for all-star guard Chris Paul, and watching the Celtics struggle early in the season (although they are doing better now), it begin to way in my mind that the league seemed to be putting a nail in the coffin for 2 of the greatest franchises in NBA history. Cause remember, the Celtics also offered Rondo to New Orleans (the league owned team) for Chris Paul and were turned away. Now as we sit 35 games into the 66 game season, the 2 most historic franchises are looking to add pieces to stay in the hunt. No other teams in the league will seemingly help them, so why not help each other. Contrary to popular belief, the only thing bigger than the Celtic/Laker rivalry is the fact that they both know that they are the top dogs in this league, and are not ready to leave their championship ways standing at 17/16.



Hello Lakerfam,
well the playoffs have begun and we did not “roll” into them the way I’m sure we all hoped. it took a lot of focus and skill to get rid of the very athletic, young, and pesky Oklahoma City Thunder in 6 games, yet we triumphed.
Being a Laker fan for over 25yrs. now I seen the ups and downs of the team, and I will say this, as long as our 3 big men (Gasol, Bynum, & Odom) play well, we will repeat as champions. As Lebron and his elbow continue to garner attention, the Lakers are quietly getting their playoff legs under them. I’m not saying the Lakers are being over-looked completely, as the analyst do check to see if they have won or loss, but they are being completely counted out as repeat champions. Heck they have all but SNATCHED the title of “the best NBA player in the world” from Kobe, and all he does is continue to put his team in position to win championships. I mean really, I know we can continue to debate this all day long…so on that point I will digress (it’s useless…Kobe is but I’m not oblivious to how good Lebron is, or even will become further in his career. It’s just upsetting when this guy has not won when it counted, and people love to blame it on his “lack of a team”…yet in the past two seasons he has had the best record in the NBA. What they should have said is that their superstar lacks a basketball assassin mentality. That’s what separates the ELITE ones from the GREAT the (Jordan’s to the Barkley’s).
Even though I know this debate will on forever, I just ask that we wait till Kobe either stops being efficient, or stops winning rings.



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