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MacMob, it’s MACMONDAY, and D-Mac just dropped to hot new freestyles for ya. One of the hottest records out right now Cashin Out (REMIX), D-Mac & C-Ride, gives their spin to it, hosted exclusively by DJ Heroin. Then he also dropped Vent freestyle, and I’m telling ya’ll he the next to blow. It’s hard for me to fall in love with any rapper these days, cause the music is all the same to me right now, but this cat got my ear. The Vent Freestyle is hosted exclusively by DJ Sam Sneak…and get ready for DATE WITH DESTINY, 5/7/12.

Download-Cashin’ Out Remix (DJ Heroin)

Download-Vent Freestyle (DJ Sam Sneak)



It’s about that time again. Dade Counties own, Derrick “D-Mac” McKenzie is gearing up for his Date With Destiny Mixtape to drop. The 24yr. old has taken over a year to ready himself, for what he says “is the beginning of the rest of his life” with this new music. I have watched the Street Connect lyricist of the year, continue to grow as an artist and his fanbase is growing right along with him. The fans, whom he affectionately calls THE MACMOB, have been “laying there clothes out” to get dressed for Destiny themselves. The mixtape drops 5/7/12. Check out the first official single from his highly anticipated joint, the mixtape cover was created by Crystal Annick!
OPPOSITES ATTRACT, featuring So So Def’s Dondria.

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