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Rihanna dropped her brand new video for her new single: Stay, exclusively on E TV. And the very simplistic video did not disappoint this fan. As Rihanna is seated in a bathtub, she played the best “role” of her life. She took a moment to let her spirit go back to the moment when I believe she decided it was “over” but yet she didn’t want it to be.

As women especially, I know that we can all relate at some point of what Rihanna is displaying right here, after a break up. It’s very emotional, and sometimes surreal. The single tear down the left cheek at the end says it all. Check it out.

Here is another edit of the video with Mikky.



The Pop princess, Rihanna, announced yesterday via twitter that her next official single is the Mikky Ekko assisted: Stay. The piano driven ballad, actually allows the singer to display her vocals. And she actually delivers on this one. Rihanna also let be known that the uptempo, club joint: Pour It Up has been sent out to urban radio, I can’t wait to see the video for that…but Def Jam knows that we are all waiting for the Chris Brown assisted track: Nobody’s Business to become a single. I mean if they were bold enough to put the track on the album, don’t be afraid to make it a single!

Buy: Rihanna-Unapologetic



Rihanna just released the tracklisting to her 7th studio album: Unapologetic, which is due out 11/19. The 24yr. old Bajan singer has enlisted the help of Eminem, Future, Mikky Ekko, & the one and only Chris Brown. Yep, Chris Brown teams up with RiRi for her song: Nobody Business. Let me say this, DefJam already is marketing a boxset for this album at the price of $250 that includes a slew of goodies personalized by the singer, which I look at is geared toward her devoted “Navy” cause for the fan like myself(uh $12.99 bout the most you will get lol) they better not mess this up. If there is NOT a video for the joint with Chris Brown, having him on the album is almost a waste. I can’t wait to hear it.

Also don’t you love that Rihanna is simply bold & straightforward now. She truly is exemplifying the Unapologetic mantra. This album will probably give us the true understanding of who Robyn Fenty is, which makes it a must have. 

Check out the tracklisting, and check out the first official single, Diamonds.

Buy: Rihanna-Diamonds
Buy: Rihanna-Uapologetic (Deluxe)

If you think who a celebrity dates does not weigh heavily on their fans, you are crazy. Whether good/bad, the fans are generally 100% invested, & will memorialize the relationship in some way. Youtube is generally the way it’s done today. Check out this latest video uploaded by Diinaba

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