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Fiyahhhh!! Whew. Okay let me just say that there are some people that you just want to see make it. Dawn Richard is one of those people. From Making The Band, to solo greatness, Dawn Richard is the epitome of not giving up. Not just on her dream, but herself! The always grinding, never sleeping, too much music to make and money to get, singer/songwriter, has taken the “independent” label by storm, and guess whose raking in the dividends…that’s right. Tell me God not good?

With her brand new EP, Armor On, still sitting in Itunes top 15, the former Danity Kane member releases her 2nd video of the EP, for the song Automatic, and she did her thang. Dawn gives you her unique vocals, along with a writing style that will take her places she never envisioned, and a melody, that hooks any ear thats listening.

CelebrityMinistry would like to be one of the first to congratulate Dawn Richard, for being true to herself, the gift God gave her, and the to the gift Giver.

Enjoy Dawn’s brand new video, Automatic, and cop the EP now!

Buy: Dawn Richard-Armor On



One of the most catchiest tunes of the year, Sexify, by Leah Labelle. The former American-Idol contestant has inked a record deal with Jermaine Dupri & Pharell, and they created a nice one for her first single. The video has already been the most played on MTV for the week it was released. Check it out. The song is also moving up the Media Based charts as well. Enjoy!



Finally, a new chapter can begin. When we last saw Dawn Richard and Aubrey O’Day in the same space, it was on the season finale of MTV’s Making The Band, and the tension was so thicke you could cut it with a knife..uh it may have taken a hatchet. The two Alfa-females (lol) were not giving an inch to one another and that’s never good, as it pertains to a group.

Danity Kane was the top selling female act created by none other than Diddy. We know with that being said..the group was almost destined to have some type of “break up” drama. The only problem with this drama, was the fact that watching the show, it was almost inevitable that Dawn & Aubrey would bump heads.

Well recently Aubrey let it be known on her twitter, that after several attempts to contact Dawn, she was able to have a talk with her. Check out the tweet below.

So the only question now is, will there ever be a Danity Kane reunion? I know it would take a lot of work behind the scenes, but this group had so much potential to become great, I would love to see them get it back together, at least for a reunion tour, that could spark even more for their solo careers.



 Teyana Taylor is ready to show the world who she is, and what she does. It’s been long speculated in the media about who the singer/dancer/rapper/actress is, and how was she connected to superstars such as Chris Brown, Kanye, and others, well Teyana is ready to show that she is no “groupie” to those guys, and she has a lot to offer the industry. The 20yr. old, who I found out about by watching her first on MTV’s My Super Sweet 16, and her first single, Google Me is now standing front and center. Check out her brand new mixtape, The Misunderstanding of Teyana Taylor (TMOTT), with guest appearances by Wale, Jadakiss, Fabolous, Honey Cocaine, & Travis Porter.




Seriously there are only a few artists that I love supporting no matter what. Dawn Richard is one of those artists. Since the first day I saw her on MTV’s Making The Band, I knew there was something “different” about her. No not how she looked, her shyness, or even her sound, to me it was her spirit. One that was guarded, yet desired honesty and truth. One that one to have an opportunity to express her gift in a way that can touch lives on another level. Well we got to witness a small inkling of that while she was with Danity Kane (sucka for love, ride 4 u, etc) but now she’s about to bring us the complete package that is Dawn Richard, in her upcoming album: GoldenHearts. The first single, SMFU (Saving Myself From U), is now available on Itunes, and she recently released the video for the song. One word to describe the visual to the words written: POWERFUL. Hearts (what she calls her fans) enjoy this stage of Dawn as she shares a part of herself with you. It’s something to be said about a woman who understands who God is, what Faith means, and how to incorporate them both into her life knowing that without either she would have given up a long time ago. Enjoy! VOTE FOR #SMFU on 106 & PARK! TEXT “DAW” to 79922 or click here:



I must start off by saying, God is absolutely good, and is TRUE TO HIS WORD. I know all of this is going to sound absolutely unbelievable to some, but trust me when I tell you “God has plan for you, a plan of good & not of evil, a plan to bring you into an EXPECTED end.” (Jeremiah 29:11). I said that to say back on 12/27/09 I was just having my regular time with God (praying), and I heard him say: “Twitter connections will grow beyond imagination. As you represent (promote) Oceans 7, Dondria, D-Mac, but it will grow to you representing (promoting) Qwanell…” There were a few other names as well, that as God brings me into relationship with them, I will be telling this same story from my prayer journal. Don’t take it lightly what you just read…because the back end of that says this “And that’s just the beginning, because as I raise you up on this platform that has never come before, we will watch My kingdom grow.” See it doesn’t matter how long it takes, just TRUST GOD. I shared that because today I sat and interviewed Qwanell Mosley, aka, Anthony Q and you will see me promoting him heavily here. Ah the beauty of being in relationship with God that you may know HIS plan for your life. Now I must admit I was SUPER NERVOUS during this interview, as well as it’s only my 2nd phone interview, so the sound isn’t the best..along with my grandson hollering for me in the background..hahaha, but you will get the fullness of what this young man was brought here to do, and he is on a mission to walk in Destiny. Check out my exclusive interview with Anthony Q. Go get his 2nd single, MELODY, and See Me.


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