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HaHaHa, Tim Tebow to the Patriots!! Yea bet you never thought you would read that. Ah God just keeps showing up! Tim Tebow who seemed to have 1 foot out of the league, signs with one of the major NFL teams in the league, New England Patriots. Read the story.

It’s safe to say Bill Belichick doesn’t hate Tim Tebow after all.’s Ian Rapoport reported Monday the New England Patriots are signing Tebow after all. Just in time for Tuesday’s mandatory minicamp.

Way back in April, the Patriots were atop our list of potential Tebow landing spots because of Belichick’s appreciation of versatile players and his love of all things University of Florida. But this news still comes as a surprise because of the timing.
Yahoo! Sports reported last month that there was “no chance” the Patriots would sign him. Belichick came out publicly and lambasted the accuracy for that report last week.
So why would Belichick sign Tebow?
Because he can.It really might not get more complicated than that. Former Denver Broncos coach Josh McDaniels remains on the Patriots staff and is obviously a big believer in Tebow. There is virtually no risk to the signing because Tebow’s contract is unlikely to have any guarantees. The Patriots love to kick the tires on veterans, and this is nothing more than that.
Signing Tebow doesn’t mean that he’s a lock to make the roster. Rapoport reported that Tebow will play quarterback in New England, but it’s hard to imagine him passing Ryan Mallett on the depth chart. Third stringer Mike Kafka was released on Monday.
Tebow, like a lot of No. 3 quarterbacks in the league, has to prove his worthiness in limited practice snaps. Unlike most No. 3 quarterbacks in the league, he could potentially help on special teams and the occasional trick play.



Can we get back to this type of R/B music pleaseeeee! Kelly Rowland dropped her 3rd single from her upcoming album: Talk A Good Game, called Dirty Laundry. The song has Kelly opening up like she never has before. She talks about her feelings toward Beyonce after the Destiny’s Child break up, being involved in an abusive relationship with her ex-fiancee, football star Roy Williams. She simply just let it all out. Thank You Kelly for finally exhaling.



Well it seems that the Peyton Manning sweepstakes are over. The most sought after NFL free agent, maybe in history has decided he will take his talents to Denver. According to ESPN

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