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Tyrese does it again. Fresh off of his brand new deal as a member of TGT, with Tank & Ginuwine, the r/b crooner gives us another true to form r/b visual from his latest album: Open Invitation, with the song, Best of Me. The singer enlisted the help of America’s Next Top Model winner, Eva Marcelle (season 3). The Matt Alonzo directed video captures the words of the song very nicely. See this is what I’m talking about when it comes to making videos…they don’t all have to be symbolic where you need a degree in videography just to understand the concept, if the song talking about love display that…lol. (Hint Chris Brown-Don’t Judge Me is the latest victim).

Wow between this video with the lovely Eva, and the Nothing On You video featuring Chilli, Tyrese also get points for choosing correctly with his co-stars to bring that chemistry together.

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 When Tyrese released the link to his new video for “Nothing On You” featuring Chilli, I was clicking the link so fast, my computer got hung up. LOL. I couldn’t wait to see the finished product of this video. Now every CelebrityMinistry reader know that I’m a sucker for good r/b, and the video must be dead on for me. Well this one does not disappoint. Never have a seen a video filled with so much believability, truth (lyrics of the song) being played out, and most importantly chemistry between celebs. Well there may have been a few others, but this says it all.

 After watching the video, I immediately hit up Chilli via twitter, letting her know how much I loved the video, and that it was funny to see her kissing in the video. Because from watching her show, What Chilli Wants, we know how serious she is about showing that type of affection, yes even in a video. But I’m glad she did, that’s what made it believable to me. When I hear this song, a bunch of hugs would not have done it for me. lol. Check out the video below, and cop Tyrese latest album, Open Invitation-Reloaded now. And let the rumors begin. 🙂



Tyrese dropped a “teaser” for his latest video, NOTHING ON YOU, featuring Chilli of TLC. Let me start by saying, Chilli continues to look flawless. Her workout regimen is crazy (in a good way), and she stays on that H2O. With all that being said, she was perfect for this video with Tyrese. And Tyrese..I mean what can you say? The two exudes sexiness in this new video. Seeing Chilli lying on the bed (in one of the scenes) only reminded me of her in the “U Got It Bad” video. Man I’m still praying that some way, God can bring that relationship back together. Okay, Check out the teaser for Tyrese’s latest single, Nothing On You. TYRESE WROTE A LETTER TO HIS FANS

A NOTE FROM TYRESE: Because of you, 2011 has been the best year of my life in all aspects of my career. “Stay” has been #1 Single for 11 weeks and “Open Invitation” was #1 for two weeks independent!! My films, “Transformers DOTM” and “Fast Five,” have both now grossed well over $1.7 billion worldwide. I STILL can’t wrap my head around the success from my first venture as an author with my motivational/inspirational memoir and New York Times Best Selling Book, “How to Get Out of Your Own Way.” As always, l humbly thank you for the love and support you have shown me this past year. My “Open Invitation RELOADED” album is going to be re-released on February 14, Valentine’s Day, on iTunes (LP version) which includes videos, behind the scenes footage, bonus material and unreleased tracks: “Fireworkz” Remix featuring Big Sean, T.I., and Busta Rhymes, “What Took You So Long,” and the “Stay” Remix featuring Faith Evans. MAKE SURE YOU GET IT!! Respectfully, President and CEO of Voltron Recordz Tyrese Gibson

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