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Well the wait is over. The Game dropped his brand album: Jesus Piece, and one thing is for sure he definitely brought it. But I can’t bring myself to put the album artwork up…yet I’m really feeling the song: Pray featuring J. Cole & JMNS. Check it out.

The Game also took the hook from D’Angelo’s classic: You’re My Lady..for his joint All That Lady featuring Lil Wayne, Big Sean, Fabolous, & Jeremih.

Buy: The Game-Jesus Piece



People always remember there IS POWER in prayer! It’s even more powerful when a group of believers join together to pray to thwart the plan of the enemy! Before everyone forgets, and minus the ones who are waiting to say R.I.P. we have a young man name Kile Glover that has been given up on by every medical professional in the land. His mother/father/step-father are pressured on every side of what to do. All the $ in the world can’t make the situation change…BUT THERE IS ONE, who can turn it all around! Jesus!

As a mother who endured this exact same situation when my 4-yr old swallowed a ball, and died on the way to the hospital…but revived…then declared brain dead…I know all that this family is enduring, will endure..but I am assured of ONE THING, that GOD IS ABLE! So just as David prayed for his own child, until God’s decision was made, let’s join together believing For full restoration for Kile!

Know that God did not do this to Kile! Yet HE through His infinite wisdom knows how to handle it! He is not caught off guard by the circumstances, but know that what WE DO NEXT has impact in what HE does next! Jesus once told the people of Nazareth that because of there little faith not many miracles could be done in there city, do He left! When the Healer walk out then all hope is gone. Well the Healer is here! SPEAK LIFE FOR KILE! I pray that his parents don’t ALLOW ANYONE in hs room that speaks/believe anything opposite of LIFE!
Let us pray G14Nation!

Our great and merciful FATHER WHO ART IN HEAVEN, we need you NOW! We as a community of believers cast our care upon You. Our care today is not anything concerning ourselves dear Lord, but that of young Kile Glover! The doctors have given a bad report, we know it’s bad because in it they leave No hope for YOU TO MOVE MIRACULOUSLY. But FATHER we decree and declare by the power of the blood of Jesus that Kile is HEALED & WHOLE!
Father we know whether here with us, or home with You, we decree he is in NO PAIN! We also decree and declare PEACE for his parents! That they are thanking you even this day for blessing them with this wonderful gift that is Kile!
Know Father that we know of the miracles you performed of old, and even the one you performed for me, in that hospital 15yrs ago…so I call forth the angels of God to surround Kile NOW! Let the healing show forth now! Let the Parents testify of Your goodness! And Know that we surely will!
HALLEJUIA! In Jesus Name we pray…and let us all say together…AMEN!




I’m still in shock over the passing of Whitney Houston. But like when ppl pass away, it usually brings reflection to those who have been affected in some way. As I look over my life, I think about what’s important, and remind myself that all that other stuff, is not worth being a part of my remembered legacy. No matter how many people know your name, you will leave some type of ”legacy” behind, let it be one of kindness, greatness (because you became who God created you to be), one of no regrets, forgiveness daily, LOVE shown at every level, being just in all things. Dealing with every decision that you have made in a mature manner, blaming no one but yourself. Also be quick to ask for forgiveness as well. And pray for one another daily! You don’t have to know someone personally to just pray for them. The Holy Spirit will give you the words to say. Now as much as we all enjoy the gifts that God gives us, in people like Whitney, MJ, and others, we must know that they need prayer just like anyone else. Why? Because the industry they are in, is designed to destroy them SPIRITUALLY. And we all know that it’s the spirit that the enemy is after. Isn’t it funny that our GREATEST musicians have bouts with things that are designed to kill them first mentally, then spiritually, then physically? See, we all know that greatness comes with and adversary. The enemy (Satan) already knows his fate, and he wants to take as many people with him. Remember misery loves company. Don’t ever underestimate your adversary, heck he got Adam & Eve to give him the keys to the kingdom, but we have a Savior, and His name is Jesus, and He has delivered us from the hands of the enemy. Don’t be deceived, because you see these people living a lifestyle that most only dream of, or the fact that the whole world knows there name, there are held accountable even more so, for what type of influence they are presenting. The enemy of their souls know that. See if you love Nicki Minaj, you would be praying for her constantly (her grammy performance alone should have you praying), Lady Gaga, Jay Z, or whomever your favorite is. Because when they are gone, that’s it. Screaming over their dead body, how much you love them, can’t save their soul. Stop acting like the things we see are okay, or just acting, or performing, everything expressed on the outside is an expression of what’s going on in the inside. Don’t ever get that twisted, it’s the one thing the devil want’s you to overlook. Ah that former minister of music (Lucifer) has a lot to do with that. Be slow to judge and quick to pray!

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