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“I decree that the failures of my past will no longer hinder the promises of my future. My latter days will be greater than my former.I decree that the pressures and failures of my past are forming the treasures of my future. I decree that I am no longer who I used to be.I am a new creation in Christ with a glorious future. I decree that the fruit of the Spirit are abundant and growing in my life. I decree that my body is healthy and strong, my mind is alert and disciplined,and my spirit is perceptive and receptive to the things of God. I decree that I am rapidly coming out of debt and changing the habits that put me there. I decree that I am growing as a person and developing as a leader. I am a lifelong learner. I decree that I am focused on my life assignment to serve God and humanity with all I am and all I have. I decree that I am abounding in the love of God and that I am a vessel of God’s amazing grace. I am an encourager and mentor for others. I decree that I have uncommon favor for uncommon results in my life. I am engineers for excellence, created to conquer and sent to succeed. I decree that I am a bold witness for Jesus Christ and many shall come into faith with Christ as a result of my witness. I decree that because of the shed blood of Jesus for me, sin has no more power over my life. I decree that I will fulfill my destiny and become everything that I shall have wished I had become when I stand before God.” – Amen

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