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Rihanna dropped her brand new video for her new single: Stay, exclusively on E TV. And the very simplistic video did not disappoint this fan. As Rihanna is seated in a bathtub, she played the best “role” of her life. She took a moment to let her spirit go back to the moment when I believe she decided it was “over” but yet she didn’t want it to be.

As women especially, I know that we can all relate at some point of what Rihanna is displaying right here, after a break up. It’s very emotional, and sometimes surreal. The single tear down the left cheek at the end says it all. Check it out.

Here is another edit of the video with Mikky.



You don’t have to like her. You can say she goes to far…whatever! Rihanna understands who she is, what the media tries to do, and how to use it to her advantage. With everyone still trying to guess if she & Chris Brown are together or not…she says “Nobody’s Business” in a complex magazine interview. Then releases the artwork for her 2 next singles…”Pour It Up” & “Stay” which is a picture of she & (seemingly) Chris Brown. The pic look like one that we all seen when the two were spotted at Greystone nightclub.
A marketing genius.



The Pop princess, Rihanna, announced yesterday via twitter that her next official single is the Mikky Ekko assisted: Stay. The piano driven ballad, actually allows the singer to display her vocals. And she actually delivers on this one. Rihanna also let be known that the uptempo, club joint: Pour It Up has been sent out to urban radio, I can’t wait to see the video for that…but Def Jam knows that we are all waiting for the Chris Brown assisted track: Nobody’s Business to become a single. I mean if they were bold enough to put the track on the album, don’t be afraid to make it a single!

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Rihanna took the stage once again at the X-Factor UK (finale) to perform her next single: Stay. What’s so special about this to me vocally she sounds even better with each performance. The songs on this Unapologetic album..she’s slaying LIVE. Not to mention that the song is one of my favorites on the album. I honestly think this height that Rihanna is at right now…especially with Beyonce on hiatus…she must continue to take advantage of it. I’m sure that will be no problem with every blog stalking her every tweet/instagram photo for their next headline. Check out the video below.



Rihanna hit up SNL and performed her new joint, Stay, Live. I’m not use to listening to her sing any type of slow songs, so this is different for me. Remember I’m a new fan of Rihanna’s, but I really hope this is not the next single. She also performed Diamonds. Check it out.

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