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Yes! Da Brat has really jumped headfirst into this new age communication with her fans. The platinum selling rapper created a YouTube page to give her fans an inside look into her life. The first episode on Brat TV, show her transition from state prison back to freedom. It’s funny seeing Brat rocking her braids with the baby hair design looking FRESH (90’S ALL DAY), and um I really need that new joint: “I’m Mad” ….Take a look and subscribe to the channel.

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Corey “Broadway” Stevenson has released his new EP, Hott Like Broadway recently on Itunes. The r/b crooner is still trying to be heard by a major label. With a voice that put you in the mind of Chris Brown, and great writing skills, Dondria’s former duet partner on youtube has something to prove. Simply put…he belongs. Check out his new single off the EP entitled, Human. He is currently shooting the video for the new song now. And a preview of the video. Enjoy!

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Broadway ft. Dondria-One Last Time



So So Def artist, Dondria, drops a new episode of her Dondria Debates, this one is concerning gay marriage. You have to love the way Dondria continually keeps her fans engaged with topics that are relevant to today’s culture. She is not just another pretty face, with a voice straight from heaven, but one with a deep sense of what’s going on in the world around her.

Now with President Barack Obama making an official statement of his support of gay marriage, it has surely been the topic of most households in America. The consensus around the country is that this may hurt his campaign of being re-elected.

Im not really sure how this will effect his campaign, but as a country, the vote is definitely down the middle. Now if I understand correctly, it’s the state that has to vote on whether not the recognition of same sex marriage will happen. Nonetheless, hit Dondria up on her youtube, and leave your comments to let her know what you think.



Ah the question is never how good is Dondria when it comes to singing, the question is when will she get a song like this that truly displays what she has to offer? Well last year, So So Def’s recording artist Dondria sat down and paid homage to her idol Beyonce, by singing 1+1. The song was written by The Dream…and after over 800K views, I would say this is the best cover of the song I have heard. Check it out…and watch Dondria “show out.”

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So So Def’s r/b songstress Dondria gives her Friendfffans another treat. The singer has begun to sing randomly about well…anything. She released a video recently singing as she removed the fingernail polish from her nails, nothing but runs and vocal acrobatics that put some of the best to shame, I have to say I love it. The rising Icon continues to have fun on youtube, and her fans love it. As she continues to put the finishing touches on her sophmore album, the singer is making sure that she continually gives her fans what they want, her singing. So buckle up as Ms. Dondria takes you on a “vocal” ride as she sings, “How Many Licks Does It Take To Get To The Center of a Tootsie Roll Pop.” HAHAHAHA! YOU BETTER SING DONDRIA



Margo and Nicole recently started their vlog series called: SIP TIME CHRONICLES WITH MARGO AND NICOLE, and they share their thoughts on everything from music to religion. Check them out as they talk about Monica’s new album, New Life, Drake and Rihanna’s video, Take Care, Relationships (dating younger/older), and their feelings on what Easter means for them. Enjoy!


5 YR OLD @OfficialZayZay Comedy Routine

 Check out this 5yr old comedian, Zay Zay, and help him to get on the Ellen Show. The kid got jokes.

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