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Apple has released the new version of Itunes 10.5, gearing up for it’s new IOS 5 release, 10/12. I’m glad they actually released the Itunes update first, so hopefully the servers will not crash while I’m attempting to get the new software update. The IOS 5 boast over 200 new updates, and I can’t wait. I want to see how I love the update before I order my Iphone 4S. Go now and get it!


Every iPhone includes an update iTunes, but this may be the last time iPhone users need the media-playing computer software.

One of the things that iTunes 10.5 brings is the iOS 5 update for iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches, which will do away with the need to tether your mobile device to a computer to sync it. The new release also enables Wi-Fi syncing between the Apple mobile devices and iTunes on a PC or Mac.

In addition, the update adds some iCloud features, including iTunes Match, which will synchronize music on a user’s computer with iCloud storage, even for songs not purchased via the iTunes store. Once the music is up in your iCloud, you’ll be able to download it to any Apple device onto which you’ve logged in. The $24.99-a-year service isn’t available today despite the new iTunes release, but will go live tomorrow, October 12, according to a previous Apple press release.


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