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All I can do is SMH and smile. What JD has on his hands with Dondria is a female with a golden voice, and a pen that’s invented for the remix. I have given her the nickname, QUEEN OF THE REMIX, and she does not disappoint. JD released this joint today, as a prelude to her new mixtape: DONDRIA DUETS 3: 90’S EDITION! This is definitely a great classic to start with. Dondria allowed her fans a “sneak” listen during her #PhatfffatFriday session, and let’s just say it’s going to be Classic. Stay tuned, DD3 THE 90’S EDITION DROPS 1/6! Enjoy this for now! Read the rest of this entry »

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Robin Thicke is slated to release his new album: Love After War on 12/6. The album has 20 of the most soulful tracks I have heard from Robin to date. Check out the first single, Love After War, and get the vibe of R/B’s soulful blue-eyed brother.

1. “An Angel on Each Arm”
2. “I’m an Animal”
3. “Never Give Up”
4. “The New Generation”
5. “Love After War”
6. “All Tied Up”
7. “Pretty Lil’ Heart” feat. Lil Wayne
8. “Mission”
9. “Tears on My Tuxedo”
10. “Boring”
11. “Lovely Lady”
12. “Dangerous”
13. “Full Time Believer”
14. “I Don’t Know How It Feels to Be U”
15. “Cloud 9”
16. “The Lil’ Things”
17. “What Would I Be?”
18. “Stupid Things”
19. “Compass or Map”
20. “We Family”

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R/B’s sexy Robin Thicke dropped his brand new video for his new single: LOVE AFTER WAR yesterday, which happens to be the title of his new album as well, due out 12/06. The video features his lovely wife, Paula Patton. I love seeing them together. Check it out.

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Oh wow!! Da Brat just took me back to when Hip Hop was hip hop. From the intro with DJ Greg Street, to the end…Da Brat got 10 tracks and all you will do is put this joint on repeat. She put 3 original tracks on the joint, Get It, Get It featuring Brandon Hines and Jada Kiss, Second Chance which is the rawest song I’ve heard since JD dropped “Take Me Away” off his (Think I’m Berry Gordy Mixtape), and then Dumb,Stupid,Crazy featuring Twista is just a show off of speed and fiyah. Da Brat has come out and hit the ground running. Read the rest of this entry »

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Est. 2003 – Here’s our story…
It all began like it has for many other producers, and that is… a mixer and two turntables. In the mid 80’s, Sean Fields, the founder of After Midnight Productions (AMP), began his quest in music from learning to play the piano by ear, to taking lessons, to hone his skills, to D’Jing, to singing and performing Live. From this, the group After Midnight was formed. Years later due to life and circumstances, the group broke up, but the name still had value to Sean. So, he and a close friend, Damon Humphrey, who saw his vision and had dreams of his own, formed a production company in 2003 therefore keeping the name alive… After Midnight Productions.

The 2000’s meant interesting and exciting times for them!! From working with many independent artists*, to being mentored by and working an artist development deal with Kirk Crumpler and Cornell Carter, their production work and credits go a mile long. From Bobby Brown, The Whispers, The Dazz Band, E-40, Riche Rich, Tupac, Santana and many, many more. AMP also included Sean’s brother-in-law, Patrick T. (AKA… PZY) who furthered the company’s interest in production and promotions as well. AMP’s promotion credits include many independent artists as well as some mainstream artists from Spice 1, AK9, to Jerry Rice’s daughter Qui. In 2006, Sean Fields handed over the reigns to Damon Humphrey, and what a smart move that was! Damon H. has proven himself to be a very savy and dedicated CEO who looks out for the interest of any artist he works with. Read the rest of this entry »

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