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Nike released a new video commercial for Kobe Bryant’s Zoom VII-KOBE SYSTEM.

Where do you go from the top? You go over the top. The #KobeSystem: Success for the Successful is Kobe’s winning, results-oriented philosophy on how to adapt to succeed. You’re Welcome.

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Okay let’s be clear, Brooke Taylor, is the business! Every since I came across her new album: L.O.V.E. (LIVE ON VIRTUOUS ENERGY), I’ve been hooked on her music. The first thing I can say is the music you hear from Brooke is as genuine as her spirit. The 4th generation Japanese/American grew up in Los Angeles listening to Motown and soul music, and you can definitely hear it in her music. Check out her brand new video, for the first single off of her new album, Dear Archer. Be on the look out for our 1 on 1 interview!

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The Lakers took to the court Saturday afternoon to take on the high powered offense of the Denver Nuggets, and unlike the previous 4 games, this time they had their anchor in the middle: ANDREW BYNUM. And oh what an impact the InCredible Bynum made scoring 29pts/13rbs/2blks. It’s funny because the first question that came from analysts after seeing Bynum’s season debut was, “do Laker fans still want to trade Bynum?” Read the rest of this entry »

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HaHaHa..I was waiting for this. Someone to come out with a theme song for the new look LA Clippers. Well Young Money strikes again, this time in the form of Tyga, and drops Lob City (LA Clippers Theme Song). I must admit, watching the Clippers do they thang is exciting, but as a Laker fan, we all know until they can win 16…Lakers still the big brother in LA, ah but it makes the rivalry that much better. Read the rest of this entry »


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The Lakers lost to the Sacramento Kings last night, 91-100. Here is my perspective.

The game vs the Bulls, was simply turnovers and free throws. This game vs the Kings showed more than ever that Mike Brown better start trusting Darius Morris/Andrew Goudelock soon, or else what Tyreke Evans did will be happening all season. I watched Derek Fisher and Steve Blake get scored on more than 10 times vs Evans, and it wasn’t pretty. Now I’m not here to take away from what Marcus Thorton did, but for everyone who thought Kobe guarded him the whole game, you need a replay..but the way “baby buckets” was shooting it really didn’t matter who was on him. Read the rest of this entry »

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Ah the NBA is back, and it did not fail to deliver in it’s excitement on Christmas day. After watching the Celtics lose by one, on a KG missed attempt at the end, followed by a subsequent choke out of Bill Walker by KG. Then an absolute embarrassing banner raising day for the defending champions, Dallas Mavericks at the hands of the Miami Heat. I really didn’t know what to expect from my new look Lakers. I was nervous and excited all at the same time. Read the rest of this entry »

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Well the NBA season opener is upon us. And for Laker fans, this season opener is not without it’s own drama. With the Lakers coming in looking like a completely different team (no Lamar Odom), Andrew Bynum being suspended (NOT HURT)..even though the NBA did reduce his suspension from 5 games to 4, due to the shortened season, and Kobe Bryant dealing with a serious wrist injury, having tore ligaments after a hard fall in the preseason. The Lakers will be facing a very good Chicago Bulls team which features the reigning MVP, Derrick Rose, who seems more hungry than ever to get the city of Chicago back to where it was in the 90’s. The only problem with that is, Derrick will be facing a 33yr. old superstar who understands that his window of opportunity is closing, and it’s all about winning now. A wounded Mamba is nothing to play with, it definitely strikes with no hesitation now. Check out the interview Kobe did with “Pardon The Interruption” host Mike Wilbon. Read the rest of this entry »

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