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It’s been 10yrs. since one of the most horrific tragedy’s this country has faced in recent times. The terror attack against the U.S. left this country confused, afraid, and seemingly helpless at times. But what I was most impressed with during this time, was it left us TOGETHER. People were more connected, understanding, and loving each other. Our faith was tested, and we all grew together, only to be torn apart again. When these type of things take place, people tend to band together for the common good, but I need to know what can help us stand together no matter what?
For all of those who lost someone during this event, I pray that God will send the COMFORTER, THE HOLY SPIRIT, to give you a renewed strength, and a love for your fellow man, like you have never had before. Also that your testimony will change the lives of all that will listen. No matter what, as Americans we must not allow anything to separate us. A country divided is easily defeated.

Thank you to all the heroes that showed up on this day! And thank God, that what the “enemy” thought would DESTROY US, only made us stronger.

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