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If you are basketball fan, then you have probably heard the news that UT Lady Vols coach Pat Summitt has been diagnosed with Dementia (early onset Alzheimers). But as we all know Pat Summitt, once she knows who the opponent is, is one of the best at divising a plan to defeat the opposition. This is not different at all. But her being the great woman she is, and going public with the news, put things in perspective for not only her fans around the world, but especially those she has impacted on a personal note, mainly players. Chamique Holdsclaw, who is one of the most decorated Lady Vols to come through Thompson Boiling Arena took time out to let the coach know exactly what she meant to her, and all the players, managers, staff etc who has come through the program. Check it out. Read the rest of this entry »

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Well college basketball has officially started for my Lady Vols basketball team. After such a tumultuous summer, the announcement from Pat Summitt of being diagnosed with Dementia (early onset Alzheimers), to the transfer of Alyssia Brewer, the retirement of Kelly Cain, and Lauren Avant leaving to pursue a career a an Orthopedic doctor. No one, (except the true knew what they would see when opening day came. Well although the team seem to have a few jitters in the beginning, they were able to turn it on, and show what type of work they have been doing in the off season.

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This is just so sad to me. As a fan, you really don’t know what side to believe, all you know is that there is no basketball season in our foreseeable future. I can’t believe that my favorite sport is sitting here battling back and forth like this, with the fans having no voice at all in the talks, which are the most important factor that both sides have seemed to lost focus on. I hope they realize that the longer this issue goes on, the fans will be staging a lockout of their own, and the owners and players will see how it fills to play in front of NO ONE. Read the rest of this entry »

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This is such a disappointment! As a fan this just makes me so upset. See I can’t speak on what’s “fair” for the players or the owners, but to me the fans are the one suffering the most. The reason being, when this thing is over, it’s us, the fans, that the NBA will be crying out too, to come to the games, buying merchandise etc. So what if the fans went into a lockout? A true boycott of the NBA for the same amount of time that they are locked out 4? As upset as I am, I’m apt to do it. What I want the entire league to know and understand, at the end of the day we hold a BIGGER POSITION than the owners and players, because neither will be made profitable if the fans leave.


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Run Jane,Run!

I can’t wait for the season to get started. With the NBA still in a lockout, it just has me feening even more to see my Lady Vols take the court. This year is sure to be adventurous, exciting, heart-stopping, and most important…SHOWTIME! Now I know that’s saying alot before this team even hits the floor, but it’s something about having Ariel Massengale at the helm of my beloved Lady Vols that just give me confidence. Heck I feel like I can average 15pts if she the one throwing me the dimes. With that said, the freshmen point guard has a lot on her plate, but something tells me she is up to the task. I’m happy she also has family in Tennessee, so we don’t have to worry about her getting homesick. Read the rest of this entry »

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November is really starting to look dismal, for the start of the regular season of the 2011-12 NBA season. As the owners and players continue with this lockout, players bolting to play overseas (currently there are over 50 players signed to play overseas), and now the powers that be, are still butting heads getting no closer to an agreement, we the fans will be the ones hurting. Well maybe not hurting in the “true” sense of the word, but more like disappointed that an agreement could not be hashed out between the 2 sides. Read the rest of this entry »

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Snoop Dogg, one of basketballs biggest fans, moreover, a Lakers fan, puts on his Purple & Gold and steps onto the court as a “Laker.” The actor, rapper, father, husband..I could go on lol, lives out another sports fantasy of his, by integrating himself into the new NBA 2K12 video game. Check it out!


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According to NBC Sports: Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant is being offered $600K a GAME to play in Italy. The Italian team Virtus Bologna definitely knows the value of a superstar when they see one. If Kobe was to sign with the team, he would have to have an “out-clause” that will allow him to return to the NBA when the lockout ends.

Remember Kobe has Italian roots, having lived there for years as a youth while his father played in Italy. He loves the country. Kobe speaks fluent Italian, so he would be able to cuss at opponents and teammates in their native tongue.

The question with Kobe has been would a guy set to make $25 million in the NBA and who desperately wants a sixth ring risk injury and put more miles on his legs for any amount of money?

With this club offering him over a half million dollars per game, that tells me that his value could be as high as $1million per game should he decide to play. But as a Laker fan, I really don’t want to see Kobe risk injury playing over seas. One thing for sure, him winning a championship over there, will have NO IMPACT on his legacy here. It would simply be a “business move.” One thing is for sure though, I know Kobe not sitting around worried about the latest NBA2k12 ratings…lol.

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Happy 33rd Birthday To Kobe Bean Bryant

33 years ago a legend was born to Pam & Joe Bryant: KOBE BEAN BRYANT. Happy birthday to the best basketball player active in the game today. Kobe has already attained so much from the game, and done so much…he is a lock to the Hall of Fame when he retires, and I can unequivocally say, he is the closet thing you have seen to Michael Jordan..PERIOD. Take a look at some of Kobe’s most memorable moments.

Shout out to NumasediNBA for the video.

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Cool, calm, collected, and most importantly…FOCUSED. Those were the words I would have used to describe Candace Parker as she returned after sitting out 7 games due to a tear in to her meniscus. Candace, who did not start, ended the game with a double double (15pts/10rbs), and an EJECTION. Why does this matter, being that the Sparks ended up losing the game? Because it’s time for someone on this team to act like it’s affecting them that they are sitting 5th in the Western Conference, with the possibility of not making the playoffs. As a fan I have called for the head of Jennifer Gillom, and Penny Toler…with Jen out, and now the team being coached by Joe Bryant, the chemistry still was not there. Honestly I believe that if this team could have one injury free season from a major player, winning the championship would not be in question or doubt. I just don’t want to see Candace Parker not become the player I know she destined to be. One on One, no one in this league can match up with her, and yes that includes Maya Moore. It’s like Kobe & Lebron…with Parker being the black mamba. Her mentality, and determination to get back on the court was captured in a video. If Parker is not in a championship game for the Sparks soon, and her husband playing in New York…we could possibly have another blockbuster trade (reminiscent of Cappie Poindexter leaving Phoenix)…and I know Sparks fans don’t want that. The time is now!

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