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Now I want you to think back, it’s 1986, (I know some of you were just born, but bear with me). Bobby Brown has just left one of the most successful male R/B groups of it’s time, and he drops his first single from his first solo project: KING OF THE STAGE. The song is called GIRLFRIEND, and for all of us who loved the r/b crooner (gap teeth and all) he couldn’t have picked a better title for his first song. I remember I just got a brand new all red boom box for Christmas, and laying beside it was the brand new Bobby Brown album. I ripped the plastic from that cassette tape, and played that song at least 1K times. So on this Flashback Friday, take a trip back with me, you know when R/B was real! Enjoy (I found the original video..a quality not great but good enough for you to smile at the memories the song holds). Read the rest of this entry »

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