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Ah the NBA is back, and it did not fail to deliver in it’s excitement on Christmas day. After watching the Celtics lose by one, on a KG missed attempt at the end, followed by a subsequent choke out of Bill Walker by KG. Then an absolute embarrassing banner raising day for the defending champions, Dallas Mavericks at the hands of the Miami Heat. I really didn’t know what to expect from my new look Lakers. I was nervous and excited all at the same time. Read the rest of this entry »

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[SPORTS] CELTICS JEFF GREEN NEEDS HEART SURGERY, CELTICS VOID CONTRACT’s sad enought that Celtics forward Jeff Green found out that he has to have heart surgery at such a young age, but now the Celtics have decided to void his contract. Now I don’t know if he has some type of insurance through the team that will help pay for the surgery, but I know that’s still a blow for the 4th year player. I know you guys are saying he should have enough money anyway to pay for the surgery. Well I’m sure he does, but what happens after that? I believe that as long as he is able to play next season, the Celtics will have first dibs to re-sign him as a restricted free agent. I pray for Jeff during this time. Read the rest of this entry »

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OMG!! The NBA is back baby. Time to let the trade rumors fly…first up, the green men (Celtics) are looking to do another thing to break up their great on court chemistry…and that’s trading pg Rajon Rondo (possibly) to the Hornets for Chris Paul. Now this is NO slight to Paul, but after watching Kevin Garnett & crew literally break down after Kendrick Perkins was traded, not to mention how they folded in the playoffs, I’m not sure if this group will make it back to the top with Chris Paul at the helm. To me chemistry means a lot. Understand why I’m saying this: because Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, & Ray Allen are a group of guys that truly regard each other as family..and that’s how they see their teammates. Although they are all professionals and understand the nature of the business, they allow their emotions to show visably and it generally is not good for them as a team. Like I said, go back to last season when Perkins was traded. Now with that said, getting Chris Paul is never a bad idea..but I’m not convinced he will be wearing Green and White this year. But if Boston is willing to give Rajon up for anyone says to me, something is not right in that locker room…cause he is still young, and has great skills, so why trade him? Read the rest of this entry »

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Twitter has been on fire today..making “Rondo” a trending topic. The top tier point guard, has been rumored to be traded to the Lakers for Steve Blake, Theo Ratliff, and Luke Walton…smh! Laker fans I wouldn’t drink the kool-aid if I was ya’ll. Although I believe the Lakers need a point guard more than anything. Adding Rajon would be like getting Pau Gasol..if it worked out that way. But remember it was a “celtic” (Kevin McHale) who refused to trade KG to the Lakers, for Odom/Bynum. So we will see. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA PLEASE DON’T COUNT ON THIS ONE.

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