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So So Def’s Rising Icon, Dondria, recently announced to her Friendfffans that she is in the studio prepping a brand new Duets Mixtape for them. However this one has a twist to it: THE 90’S EDITION. The Queen of the Remix (my name for her) will go in and take on some of the hottest R/B joints of the 90’s era and give the female side of each song. Right now the songs that have been chosen are under wraps, as she wants it to be a surprise for her fans, from the moment they press play. She is looking for that (Oh shoot!) factor every time a song comes on from the mixtape. You know that moment when you hear the beat come on and you like, THAT WAS MY JAM?! Well with her writing skills, and that GIFT that God gave her, I’m sure it’s going to be great. The mixtape drops 1/6/12, which happens to be the singers 25th birthday. So mark your calendars, Dondria will be bringing you a prequel of the return of REAL R/B. Ya’ll know what this is! Read the rest of this entry »

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T.I. hopping on everything right now, as he readies his own brand new album, travel the country promoting his new book: Power & Beauty, and his new reality show: T.I.’s Family Hustle which is set to debut on VH1. Check out his version of Drake’s Headlines.


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You know, every now and then a gem comes along in the music industry and sometimes it takes people time before they notice. I feel like Dondria is one of those budding superstars. Her ability to sing anything and make it sound like a classic is simply a gift. My name for her is: QUEEN OF THE REMIX. That’s a testament to her Mixtapes: Dondria Duets I & II, where not only her singing abilities come across like a boulder, but her writing skills as well. I hope those who love real R/B, will just take a moment and listen to R/B’s next big thing. Her name is Dondria, and she representing So So Def.

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Trigga Trey has emerged once again, and this time he blazes through Drakes new single: HEADLINES. Trey makes sure to take the time to address some of the rumors floating about him, one in particular that he is engaged. Check out the remix.


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Drake’s new single off his upcoming album TAKE CARE,(which is due out 10/24) is called HEADLINES. Honestly I’m not feeling this single, but hey that’s just me. I like the song alright, but just not as a single. The Boi-1da produced track just not “memorable” to me. Especially coming behind a joint like Marvin’s Room. But you take a listen and tell me if you think it’s worthy of being a single. And why am I beginning to think I’ve heard a least one line in each of Drakes songs before? Not from other people, but as if he has said something similar in another song?

“I might be too strung out on compliments, overdosed on confidence/Started not to give a fuck and stop fearing the consequence
Drinking every night because we drink to my accomplishments/Faded way too long, I’m floatin’ in and out of consciousness
And they sayin’ I’m back, I agree with that.”

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